Dog drive bed Leo & Luna

Dog drive bed Leo & Luna

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(Leo Erna)

Leo & Luna is a brand of dog and cat beds from Milan, Italy.

The cute fabric design is a popular brand in Italy. You can create a wonderful space by matching it with your interior. Leo & Luna are commonly used names for dogs and cats in Italy.

Features of Leo & Luna dog drive bed

1) Design that blends in with luxury cars

Leoerna's dog drive bed has a design and color that blends in with the seats of Italian luxury cars and world-renowned cars.

2) Design with safety in mind

It can be fixed securely, making it easy for your dog to move around in the car. 3 fixed parts, 2 holes for attaching a safety leash to the harness, and a rubber band for attaching to the headrest.

3) Durable and fluffy cushion

Made of durable material, the fluffy area is high and has cushioning properties, so your dog can spend time without stress. 3 sizes (S, M, L) for weights up to 20 kg

4) Light and convenient to move

The bed can be folded and moved easily.

5) Fully washable and easy to care for

You can use it cleanly as it can be completely washed. In addition, the cushioning properties, shape, and color do not change even after repeated washing, so you can use it for a long time.

*We conducted repeated washing resistance tests* at a third-party institution, but there was no change in the cushioning properties or shape, and there was no damage.

* Washing resistance test: Place the main body and cushion in a washing machine with a laundry net ( put the bed body in a futon laundry net so that it is rolled up inside ), wash , rinse, and dehydrate 6 times. Dimensions and appearance remain the same even after 6 washes

Leo & Luna color variations

Leo & Luna Dog Drive Bed Size Guide

(S size is 40x40cm, but the cushioning makes it about 45x45cm)

washing instructions

Care instructions: Use liquid detergent. Can be completely washed. Machine washable (wash in laundry net → rinse → spin dry, then dry flat to air) No zipper. Even if you wash it once every 1 to 2 months, the cushioning properties, shape, and color will not change easily.

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Leo & Luna

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