Alice's Dog & Cat Dog Walking Message Patch

Alice's Dog & Cat Dog Walking Message Patch

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Yellow Dog Project Ribbon Dog Walking Message Patch

Alice's Dog & Cat Original Project Yellow Dog Project Patch

Have you heard of The Yellow Dog Project, which started in Sweden in 2012?

A yellow ribbon is attached to the dog's leash to indicate that the dog should be left alone.Even in Japan, you can rarely see owners wearing yellow ribbons, but this shows how well known The Yellow Dog Project is in Japan. I can't say that it's expensive, and I think people often don't know what the meaning behind the yellow ribbon is.

Alice's Dog & Cat, which wishes for a happy coexistence between people and pets, has developed a message patch that conveys a message on behalf of dogs and their owners, in the hope that both dogs and their owners will have a safe and enjoyable walk. did!

Yellow Dog Project Ribbon Dog Walking Message Patch Safety

Dog walking message patch

Recommended for these dogs

■I want to prevent someone from touching me suddenly

■It's in poor condition and I don't like being touched.

■I don't want to be touched with unclean hands

■I love both people and dogs.

■I'm not shy and want to get along with all kinds of people and dogs.

■I'm happy when I'm stroked

■Doesn't like people or other dogs and gets scared

- Due to trauma or personality, people feel fear when people get close to them.

■ Barking when scared or nervous

■ May bite in panic

Dog walking message patch 6 points

Point 1. A product that responds to concerns voiced by owners when walking their dogs.

Some dogs may want to keep their distance from other dogs or other dogs for various reasons, such as not being good with other dogs or humans, illness, injury, past trauma, changes in environment, stress, or treatment. Just as people have different personalities, not all dogs are friendly towards people.
If a dog bites someone who touches it without permission while out for a walk, the dog's owner is responsible! It's especially hard to deal with people who suddenly touch your dog! This is a message patch that conveys a message on behalf of the dog and its owner.

Point 2: You can express your intentions without using words (a hundred words is worth a glance)

You don't have to go through the trouble of explaining it to people, you can easily tell by looking at the patch, so you can protect your dog.

Point 3. Easy to use (just clip the patch to your leash)

Point 4. It is light so there is no burden on the dog (about 13g)

Point 5. The embroidery type prevents deterioration and is safe even if it gets wet on rainy days (can be washed)

Point 6. Passed the elution amount of free formaldehyde and coloring test (*), so it is safe even if your dog bites it.

*Using testing methods and quality standards that comply with the Pet Products Unified Labeling Guidelines

Use in these cases

Yellow Dog Project Ribbon Dog Walking Message Patch

Have you ever experienced something like this?

"Ah, the kids are coming from over there. They say it's cute and want to touch it, but my child is timid... I wonder if he'll get scared and bark or bite..."

"My neighbor, who I always take for walks at the same time, came over to say hello. I think my child is getting excited again..."

Even though the owner on the other side praises his dog and comes up to greet him in a friendly manner, he says things like, ``My child is scared, so please don't touch me,'' or ``My child gets angry easily.'' ``I'm sorry, I'm sick right now and can't play,'' I had to explain in a timid manner.

Yellow Dog Project Ribbon Dog Walking Message Patch

“I’m scared of other dogs”

“I hate it when it comes near me!”

“I don’t want you to come near me, so I bark.”

“I might bite because I’m nervous.”

In the case of a dog that is not good with other dogs or humans, or who wants to be left alone due to stress or treatment due to illness, injury, past trauma, or changes in the environment, it is difficult for the owner to deal with it on a daily basis. Walking takes a lot of nerves.

At that time, attach a patch to the leash that matches your dog's personality to express your intentions without having to communicate verbally!

4 types of dog walking message patches and their meanings

The three types of dog walking message patches and their meanings are as follows.

NO (Please don't touch me) : This is a message saying, ``I don't like other dogs, or there are other circumstances, so please keep your distance.''

SCARED : I don't like people or dogs coming near me or being touched. Depending on your dog's personality, they may be afraid, so please leave them alone.This message says, ``I'm scared.''

DANGER (Beware of fierce dogs) : This message tells you that it is dangerous to get close to dogs, as they may become scared or nervous and may bark or bite.

YES (please be friendly) : I love both people and dogs, and I want them to be petted and petted a lot.

If this is the case, even if you don't know about The Yellow Dog Project, you can say, ``I don't want you to get too close to this dog,'' or ``Oh, this dog is okay.'' Even if you don't exchange words, you want the dog to treat you how you want it to behave. It is easy to understand and reduces stress for both the owner and the dog.

Yellow Dog Project Ribbon Dog Walking Message Patch
Yellow Dog Project Ribbon Dog Walking Message Patch

How to use the dog walking message patch

Very easy to use! Please attach it to the lead you are using.

Just attach it to leather products, automatic reeds, and round shapes.

*Please note that depending on the material of the leash, the hook-and-loop fastener may cause scratches or fuzz. If necessary, use the included ribbon to protect the lead by applying it to the scratchy side of the hook and loop fastener.

Yellow Dog Project Ribbon Dog Walking Message Patch

Product safety

In order to ensure that it can be used with peace of mind even by dogs who eat everything, it has been tested for free formaldehyde and colorant elution using test methods and quality standards that comply with the Pet Product Uniform Labeling Guide, and has cleared the standards. We have confirmed that.

Product details

Yellow Dog Project Ribbon Dog Walking Message Patch

■Size: Height 10cm x Width 7.5cm

■Material: Embroidered patch (rayon) *Hand washable

■Weight: Approximately 13g (light so you can use it without putting a burden on your dog)

Product Summary

Product name Dog walking message patch


NO (please don't touch me), SCARD (I'm scared), DANGER (beware of fierce dogs), YES (please be nice to me)

Product contents

・Two embroidered patches with the same design

・Loop fastener type

・1 piece of ribbon to protect the lead

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リードにつけて散歩してますが、しっかりとマジックテープでくっついており はずれることはないです。
吠え用のワッペンつけてますが、うちの子は 小さい子が苦手で吠えるので 小さい子は苦手  とかのワッペンがあったら よかったかなと 思いました。

恵津子 三浦