Dog and Cat Bed Leo & Luna Lightweight Cotton Mattress - Fiore

Dog and Cat Bed Leo & Luna Lightweight Cotton Mattress - Fiore

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pet bed leoerna

(Leo Erna)

pet bed leoerna

Leo & Luna is a high quality pet bed and mat brand from Milan, Italy.

It is highly praised by Italian owners for its glossy and sophisticated fabric design inspired by the colors of nature and carefully selected materials. You can create a wonderful space by matching it with your interior. In Milan alone, it is sold at 50 interior stores and pet-related shops.

In addition, the brand name Leo & Luna is often used as a name for beloved dogs and cats in Italy. Unlike the brand name, the logo has Luna written in front of Leo, meaning ladies first.

pet bed leoerna

Leo & Luna Leo Elna Features

1) Simple and stylish design

Speaking of Italy, it is known for its high level of design in furniture, fashion, cars, etc., and Leo Elna's pet bed also has a modern and luxurious design that shines with Italian sensibilities. It blends in nicely with the interior of your room.

2) Supports your dog or cat's body with firm volume

Made with high-quality, sturdy padding, the voluminous design puts less stress on your pet's body. It also gently supports the body, making it comfortable for puppies and seniors. The stable cushion does not sink too much and does not wear out easily, so it can be used for a long time.

For pets who love pillows, it is designed at the perfect height so that they can comfortably lie down inside while the surrounding area becomes a pillow. It also has cushioning properties that won't collapse, making it an easy space for your dog or cat to relax.

pet bed leoerna

3) Highly durable fabric

Leo Elna's fabrics are made from carefully selected materials that are breathable and soft to the touch. We have also verified whether it is durable even if it is scratched by dogs and cats, and we use durable and strong materials to ensure that it can withstand being scratched by dogs and cats.

We tested the durability of the material by comparing it to a pet's claws and testing its durability against scratching. You can confirm that there is no difference before and after using scissors.

Please check the volume of the Leo & Luna cushion below.

I think you can feel the solid volume.

4) Can be used in all seasons

The fabric material is gentle on the skin of your dog or cat, keeping a comfortable temperature at all times, preventing heat build-up in the summer, and keeping you warm in the winter.

This bed can be used all year round: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

5) The entire bed can be washed, making it easy to maintain and always clean.

Leo & Luna beds are designed to last forever. We want you to use it for a long time, so it's important to take care of it. Leo & Luna's bed can be completely washed in lukewarm water below 30 degrees, making it easy to maintain and keep clean at all times.

The bed has separate main body and central cushion, and each part can be washed completely.

pet bed leoerna

*We conducted repeated washing resistance tests* at a third-party institution, but there was no change in the cushioning properties or shape, and there was no damage.

* Washing resistance test: Place the main unit and cushion in a washing machine with a laundry net ( put the bed body in a futon laundry net so that it is rolled up inside ), wash → rinse → dehydrate 120 times. Dimensions and appearance remain the same even after 120 washes

pet bed leoerna
pet bed leoerna
pet bed leoerna

Leo & Luna Shitta color variations

gray ice gray Pell
burley wood steel blue aqua green
gainborough dim gray scarlet

Leo & Luna Size Guide

Pet bed leoerna size

This pet bed is loved by Italian pet owners.
There are size variations that can be used for a wide range of pets, including small dogs, medium-sized dogs, large dogs, and cats.

pet bed leoerna

■Item information

・Product name: Leo Elna Shitta Bed

・Color: Gray, Ice Grey, Pel, Burly Wood, Scar Red, Steel Blue, Aqua Green, Gain Polo, Dim Gray, Chrome Yellow

・Size: XS (50x40cm), S (60x40cm), M (70x50cm), L (80x60cm), XL (90x70cm), XXL (100x75cm)

・Material: 100% cotton fabric, polyester filling

・Country of origin: Italy

・Cleaning method: Liquid detergent. It can be completely washed in lukewarm water below 30 degrees. The bed has separate main body and central cushion, and each part can be washed completely. No zipper (can be placed in a laundry net for a short period of time and used in the washing machine, laid flat to dry naturally) The shape will not change easily even if you wash it once every 1 to 2 months.

*As a result of a third-party washing test conducted on the assumption that the product would be washed once a month after being used for 10 years, we were able to confirm that it can be used with virtually no change in cushioning properties or size! Can be used for a long time. (Depending on the fabric, the color may fade if washed too many times.)

The Leo & Luna bed does not change its cushioning properties, shape, or color even after washing, so it is a bed for your dog or cat that can be used for a long time!

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Leo & Luna

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