Dog walking/training 4dox apron

Dog walking/training 4dox apron

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4dox apron


4dox apron

The 4dox apron is a new and convenient item that can store small items and large items, freeing up your hands so you can use both hands.

The elastic waist makes it easy to put on and take off, and it weighs about 130g, making it extremely lightweight, so it puts less strain on the wearer's body and is comfortable to wear. There are a total of 5 pockets on the front and back for convenient storage.

The soft shell material is also resistant to dog nails and has excellent abrasion resistance, making it comfortable to use in both summer and winter. You can wear it stylishly!

Check out the video to see how easy it is to move around after wearing the 4dox dog walking/training apron.

4dox apron

6 features of 4dox dog walking/training apron

1) The simple design of the apron with pockets allows you to use both hands comfortably.

The 4dox dog walking/training apron has a simple and functional design .

When you go out with your dog, you don't have to carry the bag in your hand or put it on your shoulder, just wrap it around your waist, so you can free up your hands and use both hands.

4dox apron

Having both hands free has the following benefits:

・You can concentrate on controlling the leash and protect your dog.

-Easy to clean up after using the toilet

-Easy to convey hand signals to dogs

・Does not get in the way when holding your dog

・Protects your dog in dangerous situations such as sudden cars or bicycles jumping out

4dox apron

2) Ultra-light and durable material

It's so light that you don't even feel like you're wearing it, weighing approximately 130g, making it the perfect alternative to a walking bag. Since it can be folded compactly, it can be easily stored in a bag without adding bulk.

4dox apron

The material is made of summer single-layer softshell, which is thin, lightweight, and breathable. It also has excellent abrasion resistance, making it resistant to scratches from dog nails. Can be used in all seasons.

3) Open pockets make it convenient to put things in and take them out.

There are deep pockets that are easy to access quickly.

There are two open pockets on the front. Apron only with removable pockets, one pocket for snacks. The removable pocket for snacks can be removed and washed after storing greasy snacks, so it can be used cleanly for a long time.

There are two open pockets on the back for toys and leashes, making it convenient to take items in and out without having to open and close them.

The convenient large open pocket is lined with rubber, which closes the pocket and prevents items from falling out.

4) Useful in various situations such as walking with your dog and training

It is convenient because it frees up your hands and shoulders when you are taking your dog for a walk, training, or practicing dog dance. The stylish design makes it easy to use in various situations such as everyday shopping, running, camping, etc.

4dox apron
4dox apron

5) Carefully handmade with quality first

4dox aprons are made with quality first and are carefully sewn one by one to create durable aprons.

4dox apron

How to use

You can easily put it on and take it off by simply turning it around your waist .
The front is secured with two buttons, so it won't slip off easily.
The sleek design makes the silhouette beautiful when worn. Elastic is firmly sewn on the waist and sides to ensure a snug fit to your body, so it won't fall off when you put small items in it.

・How to wear: Wrap it around your waist. After fixing the two buttons on the front, you are done wearing it.

・How to remove: Just remove the button on the front.

4dox apron

Since it can be folded compactly, it can be easily stored in a bag without adding bulk.

4dox wearing an apron

It fits your body well and is easy to match with various outfits.

4dox apron

Product details

4dox apron

*The above product is details of an apron without removable pockets.

*Aprons with removable pockets have an integrated pocket for greasy snacks. It is removable and washable. There is also a hole that allows you to quickly remove the poop bag.

4dox apron

With removable pocket

4dox apron

Comes with a hole to take out the poop bag

Color variations

You can choose from two simple types: one with a removable pocket and one without a pocket.

■With removable pocket (with a hole to quickly take out the poop bag)

4dox apron


4dox apron


■No removable pockets

There are no pockets, so it's about 10g lighter. The 4dox part of the logo is reflective.

(This is a product image of the back of the 4dox apron.)

4dox apron


4dox apron


4dox apron


4dox apron

size guide

Dog training/walking apron

*Since elastic is sewn on both sides of the waist, it can be stretched approximately 5 to 8 cm from the maximum listed to suit your body shape.

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