Calming signal "dog language" licking the nose

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Calming signal: lick your nose

This time, since it is a quick action among calming signals , it may be a little difficult to notice and judge, but I think it is a signal that is used frequently, so I will introduce it in detail.

What kind of calming signal is licking your nose?

Lick your nose Calming signal

The calming signal of licking the nose is often a very quick lick with the tongue sticking out for just a moment, so it can be difficult to notice or even overlooked.

However, I think this is a behavior that many pet owners have seen before.

Have you ever seen your dog licking its nose at random times even when there is no food or snacks nearby, or when you think it's nothing?

Reasons to lick your nose

Licking your nose, anxiety, tension

Dogs lick their noses as signals when they feel anxious, nervous, or stressed.

For example, has your dog ever licked its nose when you approached it, hugged it tightly, grabbed it suddenly, or raised your voice?

At this time, even if your dog doesn't really dislike you, he may be giving the signal of licking his nose due to a sudden incident or a slight anxiety about being covered.

Also, being hugged tightly can be a little stressful for your dog.

Another problem is that when a veterinarian picks up your dog on the examination table at the hospital, he or she may stick out his tongue and lick his nose.

This signal may be given off if your dog perceives the hospital as an unpleasant or stressful place.

How to deal with the calming signal of licking your nose

Calming signal dog language licking nose

First of all, if your dog licks its nose as a signal, it is a behavior caused by anxiety, tension, or stress, so you should eliminate the cause.

When an owner covers their dog or hugs them tightly, they probably do this because they love their dog.

However, some dogs don't like being hugged, and some dogs may feel anxious because they don't understand that this is an expression of affection from their owners.

If you check on your dog and keep an eye out for calming signals, you will be able to develop a better relationship with your dog.


Calming signals: Understand your dog's intentions

The calming signal of licking the nose is one of the signals that cannot be used because it is difficult for us humans to do the same movement.

We will continue to introduce calming signals that only dogs can do, but even if we can't do it, we can help them understand their intentions.

By knowing the various calming signals , you will be able to deeply understand your dog's feelings.

Please be aware of calming signals so that you can enjoy every day with your dog!

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