Calming signal “dog language” Turn your face away

by スタッフAlice’s Dog & Cat

Calming signal, turn away, look away

This time, I would like to explain in detail one of the calming signals , the behavior of turning away.

What kind of behavior is turning your face away?

Calming signal, turn your face away

The behavior of turning one's face varies depending on the situation and emotion, such as turning one's head to the side for a moment and then returning immediately, or keeping one's face turned to the side for a while.

Also, the degree to which the person turns their face may vary from slightly turning to the side to completely turning to the side.

The dogs turn in different directions each time depending on their condition at the time, so it is important to observe them carefully so you don't miss anything.

Reason for turning away

Calming signal: turn away, turn your face to the side

The calming signal of looking away is used to calm other dogs or people who approach you.

If another dog approaches you too fast, if it comes straight at you, or if a person looks over your head, it will give you a calming signal to turn away.

Your dog may be feeling a little anxious at this point.

The calming signal of turning away can also be used when you feel uncomfortable.

For example, when an owner approaches their dog to take a picture with them, if they are a little afraid of cameras or feel scared, they will turn away the moment you point the camera at them.

When the camera is placed, the dog will be able to see the owner's face.

In addition to turning your head to the side, you can also shift your line of sight to the side and avoid looking at the other person's face, which is similar to the calming signal of turning away.

Some dogs will react this way if for some reason they are unable to turn away and another dog approaches them, or if their owner glares at them.

In this way, a calming signal is sent to turn away from anxiety and fear.

How to deal with signals that tell you to turn away

A signal to turn away

The look away signal can also be used by owners with their dogs.

When we approach a dog and the other dog barks or growls in fear, we humans can also use the behavior of turning away.

We humans use this calming signal to show that we want the other dog to calm down, and this can help the other dog calm down.

Also, if you want to look directly at your dog, try squinting a little.

This allows you to give a softer impression of your gaze, making the other person feel less fearful or intimidated, and showing friendliness.

I think this can also be used as an application.


Calming Signal: A comfortable life with your dog

This signal to look away means that the dog is trying to calm down the other person, or to turn away from something that the dog is uncomfortable with.

If you notice this behavior, consider your dog's feelings and try to eliminate the behavior that is causing it.

People also want to turn away when something unpleasant approaches them.

My dog ​​feels the same way.

Understand your dog's feelings, and use calming signals to make your dog's life more comfortable!