Calming signal “dog language” Turn your body away

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Calming signal, turn your body away

This time I will introduce the calming signal of turning your body away.

It is somewhat similar to the signal to turn your face that I introduced earlier, but the difference is that you turn your entire body, not just your face, and I think this behavior is easier to understand.

What kind of action is it to turn your body away?

Calming signal dog language turn away

A calming signal is when a dog turns sideways or turns away from another dog.

This is a signal used to calm the other person down, but it can also be used if you are feeling anxious or to show that you are not hostile.

Reason for turning away

Calming signal - Calm the other person

If your dog is having fun playing with another dog and suddenly turns sideways to the other dog or shows his back to the other dog between plays, it may escalate and reduce the excitement. I try to calm myself down.

Also, if a puppy gets persistent, an older dog may teach the dog to calm down by turning his back.

Not only to calm the other dog down, but also when the dog is growled at by another dog, the owner raises his voice, or seems angry, the dog turns away and sends signals to convey his feelings of anxiety. Take out.

In addition, when the owner pulls on the leash strongly during a walk, the dog may turn its entire body away from the owner in an attempt to calm the owner down.

This may cause your dog to pull back on the leash even harder if he or she doesn't understand your dog's calming signals.

If the dog's calming signals are not understood correctly, the dog and owner may not be able to communicate with each other, and both parties may feel stressed.

How to deal with calming signals that make you turn away

Use calming signal

If your dog gets excited and clings to you or jumps on you, try using signals by lying on your side or with your back to your dog.

I think our dogs will understand the signals we give them and will calm down.

Also, when interacting with other dogs or with a dog that doesn't like people, if the other dog shows signs of being uncomfortable, try turning your back on the other dog on the spot.

I think the other dog will calm down and realize that we are not hostile, so they will come closer to us.


Calming Signal Turn Your Body Away Summary

The calming signal of turning your body away is used when you want someone to calm down even more than the calming signal of turning your face away, or to express that there is no hostility.

Also, by using it when your dog is excited, owners can calm their dog down and avoid problems that may arise from an excited state.

Calming signals not only help you understand your dog's feelings, but owners can also use them to build a better relationship!

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