Calming signal “dog language” face down

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Calming signal “dog language” face down

Have you ever seen a dog in a prone position?

This prone behavior can also sometimes be a calming signal.

This time I will introduce the face down calming signal.

What kind of action is prone?

What kind of action is prone?

I think owners may instruct their dogs to lay down as part of training.

The situation is the same as that time, and the position where your stomach is on the ground is prone.

The down signal is a strong signal for dogs and is also used by the higher ranking dogs in the field.

Reasons to lie down

Reasons to lie down

Downward calming signals are used to calm puppies when their play gets rough or when they feel that a younger dog is afraid of them.

It is also used during playtime between dogs to convey a message to those around them that they are tired and would like everyone to calm down a little.

For example, when dogs are playing with each other and they start to get excited and the play gradually escalates, one of the dogs will give a calming signal to go over.

After a few minutes, the other dogs will be quiet and all the other dogs will lie down.

Also, even if the other dog is too scared to approach you, giving a face down calming signal may cause the other dog to come closer to you.

How to deal with face down calming signals

How to deal with face down calming signals

The face down calming signal is a sign that you want the other dog and other dogs around you to remain calm.

This signal can also be used by owners, so if your dog is feeling stressed, seems irritated, or clings to you persistently, you can use a system like lying down. If you lie down, your dog will notice the calming signal and calm down.

Also, if you encounter another dog and the dog is scared and won't approach you, try lying down on your side first. I think the other dog will approach you.


Calming signal face down

A calm calming signal is sent out because you want the other person to calm down.

Dog owners can also use the down signal, so try using the down calming signal when your dog or other dogs are excited or noisy.

Calming signals can be understood not only by dogs, but also by humans and dogs.

Although we can learn calming signals, dogs have difficulty learning human language.

If we learn calming signals for our dogs, we will be able to communicate with them more smoothly.

Understand calming signals and enrich your life with your dog.

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