Calming signal "dog language" freeze (still)

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Calming signal freeze stillness

This time, I would like to introduce the freeze (stillness) signal , which is one of the easiest calming signals to understand, and which I think many people have experienced.

    What kind of action is freezing?

    Calming signal freeze stillness

    Have you ever run into other dogs while walking your dog, or have other dogs become interested in your dog and approach you?

    Also, if your dog is interested, you may often let them interact with other dogs to greet them.

    You may have seen your dog stop moving toward the other dog and freeze in a standing or sitting position.

    That is the calming signal of freezing.

    Also, if the owner gets angry when his dog does something naughty, he may just stay still and not move.

    This is also a calming signal for freezing.

    Reasons why dogs freeze and how to deal with them

    Here are two examples of situations where freeze is used.

    Case 1

    Calming signal freeze operation

    When a small dog is approached by a large dog many times its size, it may stay still and not move until the large dog sniffs it and calms down.

    This behavior means that the dog is not aggressive toward a dog that seems larger and stronger than itself, and is waiting for the dog to move on to the next target.

    If you notice that your dog is freezing, you should gently wait at the same pace as your dog.

    At this time, you should not try to get your dog to get along with other dogs, or try to force your dog to approach the other dog because you think it is rude if the dog does not return greetings.

    Your dog sends the calming signal of freezing to the other dog to show that it is not hostile or to avoid arousing the other dog.

    Also, a dog that is frozen (still) is likely to be nervous, so if the dog remains frozen or unable to move even after the other dogs are gone, gently call out to him or pet him slowly so as not to startle him. I think it will give you peace of mind if you give it to me.

    Case 2

    Calming signal dog language freeze

    When the dog's owner scolded him, the owner was very angry and scolded his dog in a very strong tone.

    At that time, my dog ​​remained motionless.

    At this time, the beloved dog tried to calm down the angry owner by not moving at all, hoping that his anger would subside.

    In this case, the dog wants the owner to calm down and is giving the calming signal of freezing.

    Therefore, instead of giving in to your anger and getting angry, it is best for owners to listen to the signals from their dog and wait until they have calmed down before confronting their dog.


    Understand calming signals

    Calming signals are your dog's expression of intent.

    The calming signal of freezing (stillness) is a signal that is used when the dog is scared or nervous, so owners should carefully observe their dog and understand how they are feeling so as not to miss it. Must be.

    I believe that by being aware of and understanding calming signals, owners can protect their dogs from stress.

    In addition to protecting your dog, you can also communicate more smoothly with your dog.

    Let's make sure that both the dog and the owner can live a comfortable life that respects each other!

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