Calming signal “Dog language” Walking slowly, slow movements

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Calming signal moves slowly

Have you ever noticed that your dog suddenly slows down or walks slower only when in a hurry?

If you don't know how your dog is feeling, you may wonder why he or she is acting this way.

Why this time? I would like to introduce one of the behaviors that makes you think, the calming signal of walking slowly.

What kind of movement is slow walking or slow movement?

Calming signal slow movement

As you probably know, walking slowly means moving slowly, or slowing down so much that you can't even tell that you're moving.

This kind of behavior also calms the other person down, and is a signal used when you want them to calm down.

Reasons for walking slowly and moving slowly

Reasons for walking slowly and moving slowly

When your dog encounters another dog, does your dog slow down as soon as he sees the other dog?

This means that they are observing the situation, but also that they are not hostile, and they move slowly so as not to arouse the other person.

Also, when the owner instructs the dog to come over and the owner is irritated and uses a commanding tone, the dog will act slowly to calm the owner down.

It can also be used to calm yourself down when things are going on around you.

For example, when an owner calls their dog back to a dog park and there are many other dogs and people around, the dog may slow down several times and return slowly before returning to the owner.

How to deal with calming signals such as walking slowly and slow movements

How to deal with calming signals such as walking slowly and slow movements

When you call your dog back, or when you want your dog to move faster, don't raise your voice, yell, or act in a hurry. If you put it away, your dog may become slower or even stop.

The dog seems to be trying to calm down the owner who is experiencing heightened emotions, and is acting in ways that are inconsistent with the owner's feelings.

However, this behavior is not done intentionally to harass others.

When owners notice this calming signal, they should understand their dog's feelings, remain calm, and interact with their dog in a calm manner.

In addition, when your dog or other dogs are afraid, or get so excited before a walk that it is difficult to put on a harness or leash, the owner will give this calming signal, and if you approach slowly, the dog will calmly accept the dog. I think it will be helpful.


Calming signal, walk slowly, slow movements

If a dog does not understand slow walking and slow movements, the thoughts and actions of the dog and owner may not match.

If the owner acts in a hurry, but the dog acts slowly, the dog may become angry and wonder if he is doing it on purpose or why he is not listening. maybe.

However, the pet dog is acting out of a desire not to get angry or excited, so the owner must be aware of these feelings and calm down.

Calming signals may have been easy to understand in the past, but this signal may be difficult to understand because the dog's feelings and the owner's feelings may be opposite.

Still, I think it's important to learn these calming signals so that we can both live stress-free lives.

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