Calming signal “dog language” sit down

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Calming signal “dog language” sit down

``Sitting'' is one of the natural behaviors that is not uncommon among dogs, but is actually very common.

This act of sitting is also a calming signal.

This time we will introduce this calming signal, ``sitting''.

What kind of action is sitting?

What kind of action is sitting?

As you might think, sitting is a position where both hands and feet are on the ground and the buttocks are lowered to the ground.

Sitting is something that dogs do naturally, and some owners may teach their dogs to sit as a command.

It's the exact same posture and behavior.

Reason for sitting

Reason for sitting

Have you ever sat there when your dog felt anxious about other dogs or when his owner called him back in a harsh tone?

This is a calming signal to other dogs and their owners to sit down due to their anxiety.

For example, my dog ​​would sit with its back turned every time the owner gave a command.

The reason why the dog sat down was because the owner's tone of command was very strict and strong, which made the dog anxious, and the dog used the calming signal of sitting down to express its intention to the owner. It is.

At this point, I stopped giving commands in a strong tone and started following them immediately when I gave them in a normal voice and tone.

How to deal with the calming signal of sitting down

How to deal with the calming signal of sitting down

The calming signal of sitting indicates your dog's anxiety, so if you notice that your dog won't listen when you give them commands, or that they just sit down and don't move, it may be because your dog's tone is harsh. It might be happening.

If you give commands in a stronger tone at this time, your dog will become even more anxious, and both the dog and the owner will have a hard time communicating what they are thinking.

If you are aware of your dog's feelings and calming signals, you should be able to reduce misunderstandings between you.

We humans can also use the calming signal of sitting down.

If your dog is feeling stressed and restless, the first thing you should do is sit it down.

If your dog is wary or anxious around strangers, having the visitor sit first will help your dog read calming signals and feel at ease.


Calming signal sit down

The act of sitting is used in daily life, so you may not be able to immediately notice whether it is a calming signal or simply sitting.

However, daily sitting behavior and calming signal sitting behavior have completely different meanings and feelings.

If you carefully observe your dog, you may come to a point where you wonder why he is sitting in such a situation.

At that time, think that it may be sending out a calming signal.

In order to notice your dog's true feelings, understand the calming signals and relieve your dog's stress.

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