Dog car seat belt Perros leash

Dog car seat belt Perros leash

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Adjustable Perros leash with attachment for locking car seat belts

An easy way to safely transport your dog in your car, preventing your dog from moving inside the vehicle or jumping out of the window or open door.

Perros seat belt leash High quality material, safe & comfortable

There are two sizes: S and L.

We recommend SIC/S (length: 25-50cm/width: 20mm) 2 for small and medium-sized dogs, and SIC/L (length: 40-65cm and width: 25mm) for large and extra-large dogs. .

Nylon material is used for the webbing of Perros leashes.

Nylon is lightweight , durable, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, and quick drying.

It is also easy to clean , and when it gets dirty, you can easily wash it with water.

It is not easy to shrink or fade, so it can be used for a long time .

It combines both safety and comfort , making walking your dog more enjoyable and safe.

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Perros seat belt leash washing instructions and instructions

If you are concerned about dirt, you can easily wash it by hand!

[How to wash]

1. Dissolve water and detergent in a bucket or tub, put the Perlo leash in it, and gently press it with your hands to wash it.

② After washing, rinse thoroughly with water several times to ensure that no detergent remains.

③Drain the water thoroughly and dry it in a shaded area out of direct sunlight. Once you have confirmed that the clothes are sufficiently dry, the washing process is complete.

The Perlo leash also has excellent quick-drying properties, so even if you wash it after your evening walk, it will be dry by the next morning!
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