Dog sling Dog carrier Kangapooch

Dog sling Dog carrier Kangapooch

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Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier)

Kangapooch dog sling that is comfortable for both dog and wearer

KANGAPOOCH is ultra-lightweight at approximately 150g, so it puts less strain on the wearer's shoulders and lower back, and is compact.The pouch part makes it easy for your pet to move around, and it can also be wrapped around your dog like a hammock. This dog sling provides support and a comfortable fit, making it comfortable and stable for your dog.

How to wear a Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier)

dog long kangapooch

Design design

KANGAPOOCH is an American sling bag brand designed, engineered, and manufactured in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Designer Chelsea Snyder interned at the fashion house of famous Belgian designer Veronique Branquniho and successfully blends European sensibilities with American robustness.

Designed to prevent it from slipping off your shoulder, it puts less strain on your pet's feet and body, and is made from very light yet durable material, featuring a simple design that can be used by both men and women.

It can be worn not only with casual clothes, but also with shirts, dresses, and dresses. It has excellent water absorption, moisture resistance, and breathability, so it can be used regardless of the season.

It is a design that anyone can use, regardless of age or gender.

How to wear Kangapooch

dog long kangapooch

Designed to distribute the pet's weight to avoid putting strain on people's shoulders, back, and hips.

The front, back, and sides fit perfectly to the wearer's body, allowing for easy movement and the weight of the dog.

Advantages of using a dog sling

Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier)

・You can rest assured that you can see your dog's condition on your chest. Your dog will feel safe and close to its owner.

A dog sling is a bag that gives pets a sense of psychological security by allowing them to feel the owner's face and heartbeat.

・Feeling of fit and stability that wraps around your pet

Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier) wraps around your pet like a hammock to support your pet and provide a comfortable fit. In addition, the high holding position raises the center of gravity that supports your dog, increasing the feeling of close contact with each other and creating a stable holding feeling. Your dog won't hit your thigh every time you walk.
Even when you move or run while wearing a dog sling, it is stable and easy to move around in, just like a kangaroo's pocket.

8 recommended points to ensure comfort and less burden on both your dog and the wearer

Point 1.

Shaped to reduce strain on the wearer's shoulders and lower back

The cushioning properties on the shoulders are good, and the super-weighted design means it won't put too much strain on you even when worn for long periods of time.

Dog sling (dog carrier)
Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier) ultra lightweight

Point 2.

It's so light that you don't even feel like you're wearing it! Weighs only about 150g!

The design takes into consideration the lightest materials possible so that the weight of the bag in addition to the weight of your pet will not be a burden.

Point 3.

The strength of the fabric has been tested by a third party

Even if it's light, it doesn't mean anything if it's not durable. Load-resistant and static load tested, so you can use it with confidence. We conducted repeated load-bearing tests* and static load tests** at a third-party institution, but there was no damage and no tearing of the stitching or fabric.

*Repetitive load test: A 4.5Kg weight was placed in the bag and the load and unload were repeated 10,000 times with no abnormality observed.

**Static load test: No damage was observed after placing a 13.5Kg weight in the bag and leaving it for 24 hours.

Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier) Strength confirmed by a third party
Kangapooch Dog Sling (dog carrier) Veterinarians have confirmed that it does not cause any burden on dogs.

Point 4.

Confirmed by veterinarians to be less of a burden on the dog's body.

We have received the following opinion from a veterinarian regarding the physical strain on Kangapooch pets.

Within the Kangapooch sling bag, your dog can sit or lie down, so your dog won't have to put undue strain on their muscles or joints. (If your dog feels uncomfortable, you can adjust the position yourself. Also , since the bag fits the dog's body, the dog's position is stable, which is good because there is no stress such as stepping on the dog if it slips inside the carrier case. .”

Point 5.

Comfortable and load-resistant material

The fabric is made of organic cotton, so it has excellent moisture absorption and breathability in the summer, and excellent moisture retention and heat retention in the winter, so it can be used all year round. The stretchy fabric allows your pet to comfortably hold a large group, and can be held either vertically or horizontally. Ultralight denim is durable, lightweight, and provides a comfortable fit to the wearer's body.

Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier) organic cotton
Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier) used for various occasions

Point 6.

Compact and convenient for everyday outings, as well as for hospital visits, travel, outdoor activities, and sports.

Since the Kangapooch fits snugly against the wearer's body, your dog will remain stable inside the pouch, giving a sense of stability even to dogs who are not used to going out in a dog sling.

It's easy to use in any situation, so you want to spend a lot of time with your pet! Highly recommended for those who are interested.

Point 7.

Comes with buttons to prevent it from popping out (2) for peace of mind

The pouch is stretchy and has a shape that prevents it from popping out. Furthermore, by fastening buttons on both sides of the pouch, you can narrow the opening and prevent your pet from suddenly jumping out.

After putting your dog in the pouch, you can use it by fastening the buttons on both sides.

Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier) with button to prevent popping out
Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier) washable

Point 8.

Washable and clean to use

The color does not easily fade even after washing, and the shape does not change easily.

Washing Instructions: Hand wash in cold water using gentle detergent. After washing, please adjust the shape and dry it in a well-ventilated place for a short time.

With its simple design and light weight, you can easily take it with your dog for trips, sports, and other activities, as well as for housework and work!

Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier)

How to use Kangapooch

Kanagapooch is very easy to use. Complete by passing it through your head like clothes! It fits your dog's body and is comfortable too!

*Below is a video of how to wear it.
How to use Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier)

size guide

This is the wearer's chest measurement, not the dog's size.

・XS size: Approximately 70~80cm

・S size: Approximately 80~90cm

・M size: Approximately 90~100cm

・L size: Approx. 100 ~ 110cm

・XL size: Approximately 110~120cm

・XXL size: Approximately 120~130cm

dog long kangapooch

*We recommend using this product on dogs less than 4.5 kg to avoid putting a strain on the dog and the wearer.

Product details

Pouch size Width: Approx. 37cm, Height: Approx. 34cm

The size of the pouch is the same for all sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL).

Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier)
Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier)

washing instructions

Product information

Product name Kangapooch



*Please note that if you lose the KANGAPOOCH Safety booklet that comes with the dog sling, we will not be able to exchange or return it.

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