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Alice's Dog & Cat Gift Card

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When you're having trouble choosing a gift for a friend or family member who lives with a dog or cat, why not give them a gift that they can choose from using a gift card?

After you purchase a gift card, you will receive a gift card code via email, which you can send to the recipient.

Gift card expiration date: 1 year

Our gift cards come with no additional fees.
*Discount coupon codes cannot be applied to gift card purchases. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards.

How to use gift cards

1. Purchase a gift card

・Price information ¥3,000, ¥5,000, ¥8,000, ¥10,000, ¥15,000

(Expiry date: 1 year)

2. Send "Gift Card Code Online" to the registered email address of the purchaser.

3. The buyer sends the gift card code to the recipient as a gift.

4. Those who have received a gift card can select the item they want or are interested in, proceed to the checkout, enter the "gift card code" and enjoy shopping.

5. If you use the gift card code and make a purchase, we will gift wrap your order and deliver it to you.

Gift cards are a great gift for both the giver and receiver, as they allow the recipient to choose their favorite products and services.

customer's voice

"I was very happy with the gift card I received from my friend. I was able to choose freely at any store I wanted, and I was able to get exactly what I wanted. I am grateful to my friend who gave it to me. My dog ​​Mike I use it as a walking harness and she seems to be enjoying it."

Mr. T (30s, female) - 2024/2/6

"The gift card my parents gave me for my cat's birthday was the best! I had seen it several times at pet events, but this gift card made me want to order Zoro's comb. I did. The cat asked if it felt good, too, and asked me to do more. I was happy because I was able to get what I was looking for."

Mr. W (20s, female) - 2023/12/30

"I was really impressed with the gift card I received from my friend. This store was recommended to me by a friend who knows a lot of good products, so I had a lot of fun ordering products that I was interested in. I am also thinking of sending it as a gift to another friend. Thank you very much."

Mr. A (40s, male) - 2024/1/27

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