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KANGAPOOCH is an American sling bag brand designed, engineered, and manufactured in the San Francisco Bay Area.
When our founder, Michael, was traveling in Europe with his dog, he learned from the experience of carrying the dog while carrying baggage and experiencing the hardships of traveling with a dog.He hopes that you will be able to travel with your dog easily. This brand was created in San Francisco in 2014 with fashion designer Chelsea.
Designer Chelsea Snyder is a famous Belgian designer Veronique Branquniho

She has interned at fashion houses in Japan and successfully blends European sensibilities with American robustness. Designed to prevent it from slipping off your shoulder, it puts less strain on your pet's feet and body, is made from very light yet durable material, and features a simple design that can be used by both men and women.
KANGAPOOCH is a brand name that combines Kangaroo pouch and POOCH dog.

Leo & Luna is a collection of cushions, cages, and wonderful accessories made just for those of us who love pets.
Comfortable, 'soft', machine washable and easy to care for, the collection includes a wide range of solids and patterns in a variety of materials including technical fabrics, cotton and velvet.
A kennel is your little four-legged friend's "home."
Leo & Luna is a brand of affordable dog kennels that can be easily combined with a variety of environments at home, as it is a soft place for dogs and cats to rest their noses and want to be changed frequently.
Choose the best kennel to make your home even more intimate and special.

About the name Leo & Luna
The double L of Leo & Luna represents the four-legged tail that both dogs and cats love.

The tails hugging the L-shape of the moon symbolize the values ​​of "friendship," "sharing," and "brotherhood," as our products connect dogs and cats with their owners.
An important value inherent in our business ethics is to create products that are designed to provide comfort to your ideal life companions: Leo (the cat) and Luna (the dog).
"Leo" and "Luna" are also the most commonly used names for cats and dogs in Italy.
Luna is placed before Leo, of course, because it is "Ladies First," but the way the logo is read remains the same! It is read from the bottom (Leo) to the top (Moon)!
The gold parts, which are the symbol of the Union, represent our DNA as "fashion interior designers."
Our goal is to design your home beautifully by offering a wide selection of colors, patterns and fabrics to suit your interior design tastes.
Choose the perfect bed from the series for your beloved pet.

Fit and stability that hugs your pet

Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier) wraps around your pet like a hammock to support your pet and provide a comfortable fit. In addition, the high holding position raises the center of gravity that supports your dog, increasing the feeling of close contact with each other and creating a stable holding feeling. Your dog won't hit your thigh every time you walk.
Even when you move or run while wearing a dog sling, it is stable and easy to move around in, just like a kangaroo's pocket.

dog long kangapooch
dog long kangapooch

The strength of the fabric has been tested by a third party

Even if it's light, it doesn't mean anything if it's not durable. Load-resistant and static load tested, so you can use it with confidence. We conducted repeated load-bearing tests* and static load tests** at a third-party institution, but there was no damage and no tearing of the stitching or fabric.
*Repetitive load test: A 4.5Kg weight was placed in the bag and the load was loaded and unloaded 10,000 times without any abnormalities.

Dead load test: No damage was observed after putting a 13.5Kg weight in the bag and leaving it for 24 hours.

Comfortable and load-resistant material for all seasons

The fabric is made of organic cotton, so it has excellent moisture absorption and breathability in the summer, and excellent moisture retention and heat retention in the winter, so it can be used all year round. The stretchy fabric allows your pet to comfortably hold a large group, and can be held either vertically or horizontally. Ultralight denim is durable, lightweight, and provides a comfortable fit to the wearer's body.

dog long kangapooch

Kangapooch Collection

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Poop bag case (set of 2 poop bags)