Dog Cat Rabbit Hair Loss Care ZOORO Grooming Comb

Dog Cat Rabbit Hair Loss Care ZOORO Grooming Comb

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zoro grooming comb

Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb

The Zoro Grooming Comb effectively removes old hair without damaging or causing pain to your dog or cat's skin.

Painless! I don't hate it! "Zoro Grooming Comb" aims to

Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb Daily Care

For a clean and healthy pet, brushing (grooming) not only keeps your pet's coat beautiful, but is also an important part of health management. It's so important that you want to make it a daily habit.

Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb

However, conventional hair removal brushes and combs

・I hate pets

・May cause damage to your pet's skin

- Too much healthy hair is removed

・Difficult to use

I had such problems.

"Zoro Grooming Comb" is gentle on your pet's skin and easy to use!

Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb

■Ask a veterinarian about the feeling of use

We interviewed the Zoro Grooming Comb to find out how it feels compared to a regular hair removal brush.

“Zoro grooming combs easily remove large amounts of loose hair, but normal unshed hair is difficult to remove. (Some brushes that remove a lot of hair may even remove normal hair. ) It does not hurt or cause pain to the skin, so even children with sensitive skin can use it without any problems.
When cats groom themselves, their coat gets tangled in the rough underbelly and swallows it. If swallowed in large quantities, it can form hairballs in the stomach and cause chronic vomiting and intestinal obstruction. Brushing is important to prevent hairballs. Brushing with the Zoro grooming comb does not cause any pain to your cat and makes brushing a pleasant time for your cat. ”

ZOORO Grooming Comb 6 Features

1) Unique blade that does not cause pain or damage to your dog or cat's skin.

The unique wavy design of the blade removes loose hair, dirt, and dander with just a gentle brushing without damaging your pet's skin or getting the hair caught.

The blade material is stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and deteriorate.

The Zoro Grooming Comb can be used on short-haired dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits.

It is effective for straight-haired dogs with short hair (Chihuahua (smooth), Shiba Inu, French Bulldog, etc.). Not suitable for long-haired or curly-haired pets.

dog undercoat zoro grooming comb
Cat Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb
Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb
Ferret Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb

*If you have any questions about whether it can be used on pets, please contact us below.

Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb

It has a cute bone-shaped design. It also fits your hand. It is designed to be used for as long as possible. Its unique design (embossed wavy blades) is designed to avoid damaging or removing too much healthy pet hair.

2) Fits well in the hand, is easy to hold, and has a small turning radius

The ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hand, making it easy to control the amount of force applied. You can reach every corner of your pet's body that is difficult to groom, such as the armpits and chest, and easily remove excess hair.

Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb

3) Sustainability

Sustainability, which is spreading mainly in Europe, refers to the general concept of ``the ability of human activities and the natural environment to continue over the long term without losing diversity and productivity.''

Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb

The wood used for the Zoro Grooming Comb is sustainably produced wood that promotes sustainable forest management, and we do not use wood from destroyed forests. ZOORO also collaborates with a tree-planting organization (10 Million Trees) to carry out tree-planting activities.

The concept of zero waste as a sustainable lifestyle is also becoming more widespread.

Zero waste is an activity that aims to reduce waste as much as possible with the goal of "zero waste."

Zoro grooming combs have been developed from a culture of disposable items to the idea of ​​being attached to things and using them with care for a long time, and are made from sustainable materials that do not have a negative impact on the environment.

Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb ZERO WAESTE

4) Very satisfied pet owners in many countries

Pet owners from 18 countries around the world love the Zoro Grooming Comb, praising its smooth, easy-to-use and high-quality design. I hope everyone will experience the benefits as well.

Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb Sold in 18 countries around the world
Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb

It has received high praise overseas as well !

Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb Review

【customer's voice】

“It was great. My puppy was calm when I brushed him, which must be nice for him in this hot weather. Also, his coat is nice and shiny.” ( ★★★★★ )

“My dog ​​and I are both very happy. My dog ​​is a German Shepherd/Golden mix that was rescued from a shelter and has always shed a lot of hair regardless of the season, and now he is shedding a lot. I have previously tried cheap "strange ◯ brushes" ordered from China, but none of them were as good as Zooro's brushes. The first time I used it, a lot of hair came out and my dog ​​was happy and I didn't have to chase him around the apartment anymore. I also like that the brush is very comfortable to hold, and since it's not made of plastic, it doesn't attract loose hair and is easy to work with. I highly recommend it to everyone. ”( ★★★★★ )

“Zoro's brush worked very well. I can recommend it. I have dogs with short and medium hair. Compared to a regular brush, Zorro's brush removes twice as much hair after brushing. ” ( ★★★★★ )

“I bought this for my medium-haired mixed dog, and it removed a considerable amount of hair, and there was noticeably less hair in the house.” ( ★★★★★ )

“I have a pug dog. I have tried every method to comb his fur, but nothing worked. My whole apartment is covered in dog hair. I bought this product and started using it right away. When I looked at it, half a bucket of hair came out of the dog.” ( ★★★★★ )

Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb

It can be easily used for all kinds of pets such as dogs, cats, and rabbits.

As you can see in the photo, it takes care of old hair and gives a shiny feel after using it!

5) Very easy to use

- Hair does not get tangled in the comb and falls naturally to the ground, so it can be used easily without any hassle.

- Difficult to damage or remove healthy coat

The ZOORO grooming comb is very easy to use. Simply brush the comb along your pet's fur.

It is easy for owners to use, causes less pain to pets, and increases the frequency of brushing, leading to a healthier life for pets.

[How to use "Zoro Grooming Comb" on a dog]

[How to use "Zoro Grooming Comb" on a cat]

6) Can be used not only for pets but also for carpets where hair loss is a concern.

It can be used not only for pet undercoats and hair loss, but also for bedding, rugs, car decorations, carpets, etc. where hair loss is a concern.

Carpet Zoro Grooming Comb

*Please check that the material is not damaged before use.

Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb

How to use Zoro grooming comb

Very easy to use

① Hold the "Zoro Grooming Comb" in a comfortable position.

Brush along the fur from your pet's neck, back , and butt, back, stomach, chin, and chest .

③After that, brush the base of the ears, armpits, inner thighs, base of the tail, and around the face.

After use, simply wipe the Zoro Grooming Comb and store it clean.

*Please be especially careful around the dog's face as there is a risk of getting it in the eyes if the dog moves suddenly. If your pet doesn't like it, do it little by little without forcing it, and let your pet get used to it.

It is recommended to use it once or twice a week, using light but firm movements in the direction of the hair growth, making sure not to press too hard on the animal's skin. We do not recommend brushing the same area more than 3-5 times.

Product details

Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb
Dog Cat Rabbit Undercoat Zoro Grooming Comb Size

Each Zoro grooming comb is individually finished by a craftsman. Depending on the product, the blade may be slanted or misaligned, but this does not affect the effectiveness of the product, so please use it with confidence. Also, since we use natural wood, some products may have hollows or indentations in the wood. Please note.

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