ZOORO Botanical Shampoo 200ml (with pump) for dogs and cats by skin and label

ZOORO Botanical Shampoo 200ml (with pump) for dogs and cats by skin and label

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Zoro botanical shampoo Shi series

All dog and cat shampoo

Zoro Botanical Shampoo is a shampoo that uses only plant-derived ingredients that are gentle on your skin. A vegan shampoo that focuses on the skin concerns of pets and does not use chemical or animal ingredients to prevent rough skin and make the skin healthy for dogs, cats, and other pets.

``Zoro Botanical Shampoo'' is tailored to the skin concerns of dogs and cats.

All dog and cat shampoo
All dog and cat shampoo

``ZOORO Botanical Shampoo'' is a shampoo that uses plant-derived ingredients and is gentle on the skin of dogs and cats.
It has been tested for safety by the Hungarian National Food Safety Authority and can be used with confidence by dogs and cats with skin problems.

All dog and cat shampoo

ZOORO Botanical Shampoo 5 features

1) Carefully selected plant-derived ingredients

This shampoo is a well-balanced blend of organic aloe vera, organic apple cider vinegar, chamomile, and organic and vegan ingredients, as well as carefully selected plant-derived ingredients for seven skin concerns. Developed by veterinarians and dog experts for dogs with allergies.

All dog and cat shampoo

[7 worries]

・Allergies & rough skin

・Tick and insect repellent

·body odor

・Sensitive skin


·cool down

・For puppies

All dog and cat shampoo

ZOORO botanical shampoo 7 types

Please choose according to your pet's skin concerns.

If you have healthy skin and no skin problems, we recommend White (SKIN SENSITIVE), which keeps your skin moisturized and healthy.

7 types of shampoo for all dogs and cats

2) No chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or animal ingredients

We are committed to simple formulas derived from nature, and are free of nine substances: perfumes, synthetic fragrances, colorants, sodium laureth sulfate (PEG: a type of surfactant), paraffin, petroleum-derived ingredients, parabens, silicones, gluten, and palm oil. (use) was realized.

A gentle care product for dogs and cats with skin problems.

All dog and cat shampoos without additives

3) Botanical ingredients can be used for various dog and cat breeds, from small to large.

It can be used by everyone from puppies to seniors, and regardless of breed.

White (SKIN SENSITIVE) is recommended for cats.

Lather up the shampoo and wash. To create lather, use a sponge or facial cleansing net, massage the lather into your dog's body, and rinse off. A type of shampoo that thoroughly cleans dirt. The amount of shampoo you should use is usually one capful of the bottle. It washes well and removes dirt easily.

For long-haired breeds that are concerned about tangles, please use your own conditioner after shampooing.

Due to skin turnover, we recommend shampooing once every 10 to 14 days. Wash your whole body with shampoo to keep it clean.

*Precautions when using ZOORO® Botanical Shampoo

- Use undiluted.

-Use a sponge or facial cleansing net to massage your body with the foam.
using shampoo, plant-derived ingredients may have settled, so shake it 2-3 times before use.

4) Made with 100% bio-vegan ingredients

For animal welfare reasons, we do not use animal products.

This is a shampoo with a vegan formula that is also environmentally friendly.

All dog and cat shampoo

5) Use containers and ingredients that are environmentally friendly

Alice's Dog & Cat, including ZOORO, is committed to reducing our impact on the global environment, and ZORO Botanical Shampoo reflects that commitment. The container is sustainably sourced and is an eco-bottle that can be recycled after use. It is also a 100% bio (natural) ingredient that is environmentally friendly even when washed away.

This reduces waste and makes it more environmentally friendly.

All dog and cat shampoo

The cap material of Zoro Botanical Shampoo is made of wood. We use sustainably produced wood while promoting sustainable forest management, and we do not use wood from destroyed forests. ZOORO also collaborates with a tree-planting organization (10 Million Trees) to carry out tree-planting activities.

The concept of zero waste as a sustainable lifestyle is also becoming more widespread.

Zero waste is an activity that aims to reduce waste as much as possible with the goal of "zero waste."

All dog and cat shampoo

ZOORO Botanical Shampoo How to use

Regular shampooing will help keep the coat and skin clean. Shampooing is an important care to protect the health of your dog or cat.

All dog and cat shampoo

<How to use shampoo>

① Brush your cat before bathing to remove tangles and loose hair. This will allow you to shampoo more effectively.

②Wet your dog thoroughly with lukewarm water. Do not use hot water as this can be uncomfortable for your pet.

③Make a small amount of shampoo with a sponge or facial cleansing net, and apply it to your dog's coat by gently massaging it from the nape of the neck to the tail. Be careful to avoid eyes, ears, and mouth.

④ Rinse thoroughly. Rinse off the shampoo with lukewarm water, making sure the shampoo is completely washed away.

⑤ Dry the dog. Gently pat dry with a towel. If your dog is used to it, you can set the hair dryer to a lower temperature and keep him at a safe distance to avoid discomfort.

⑥Brush and groom. Once dry, use a brush or comb to remove tangles and distribute the natural oils in the coat. This will help prevent hairballs and keep the coat healthy.

All dog and cat shampoo

ZOORO Botanical Shampoo Product Details

All dog and cat shampoo

・Dose: 200ml (approx. 40 doses)

・Size: Height - approx. 14cm, diameter - approx. 4cm

"Zoro Botanical Shampoo" is formulated with carefully selected plant-derived ingredients to provide optimal care for your precious dog, such as the cost of odor, hair loss, and skin problems that you may be worried about when living with your dog. .

All dog and cat shampoo

ZOORO Botanical Shampoo Product Information

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