Veterinarian Column: Diseases to watch out for in the upcoming season [Heatstroke]

by Alice's Dog & Catスタッフ

Alice’s Dog&Cat Veterinarian Column

There were days in June when it was midsummer. At this time of year, awareness of heatstroke prevention is still low, but both people and pets can suffer from heatstroke during this time, so caution is necessary.

This time, we will explain about heatstroke, its causes, symptoms, first aid, and countermeasures.

◎ What is heatstroke?

Hyperthermia and dehydration damage various organs, resulting in multiple organ failure, and it is a disease that can even be fatal even in young, healthy children.

◎ Causes of heatstroke

・Under high temperature and humidity environment

・Decrease in heat dissipation ability

・Excessive exercise, etc.

◎ Pets prone to heatstroke

・Brachycephalic breed


・Large dog

・Pets with chronic heart disease or respiratory disease

◎ Symptoms of heatstroke




- Bloodshot eyes and mucous membranes in the oral cavity

If it gets worse


・Vomiting, diarrhea

- Loss of consciousness

・Convulsive seizures, etc.

◎ First aid

If you suspect heatstroke, give first aid immediately.

・If your body temperature is below 40.5℃ and you are conscious.

Move the person to a well-ventilated place or an air-conditioned room and replenish hydration.

・If your body temperature is 40.5℃ or higher or your level of consciousness is low

Wet your pet with water or wrap it in a damp towel and blow air to cool it down.

Continue cooling treatment during transportation to the veterinary hospital.

At the veterinary hospital, we perform necessary procedures such as blood tests and intravenous drips.

◎ Heat stroke measures/prevention


Alice's Dog & Cat Veterinarian Column What is heatstroke in pets? Indoors

・The temperature and humidity that dogs can live in is 22℃ and 60%. Be careful not to raise the temperature or humidity by using the air conditioner.

・Keep plenty of drinking water available.

- Prepare a cold mat for your pet.


Alice's Dog & Cat Veterinarian Column What is heatstroke in pets? Outdoors

・Avoid walking or exercising in hot and humid conditions.

・Make sure to stay hydrated frequently.

・Use items that cool your neck area when walking.

Inside the car

Alice's Dog & Cat Veterinarian Column What is heatstroke in pets? Inside the car

・Never leave it in your car.

・When moving your pet in a crate or carrying case, make sure there is ventilation to prevent the inside of the crate from getting too hot, and that the air from the air conditioner is circulating.

・Make sure to stay hydrated.

It is said that the mortality rate for dogs that urgently visit a veterinary hospital due to heatstroke is 50%. There is a good chance of heatstroke even before summer or in autumn, so be sure to take precautions to protect your pet from heatstroke.


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