[New product] PERROS cat collar is now available!

by スタッフAlice’s Dog & Cat

Cat collar Perlos

PERROS cat collar new release!

Introducing the best cat collar that combines gorgeous design and reliable functionality! Provide your cat with luxurious comfort and safety at the same time.

The soft material and adjustable size make it the perfect accessory for your cat's daily life.

[PERROS Cat Collar Features]

・Comfortable Material : Perlos cat collars are made of soft and lightweight material. It gently fits your cat's delicate neck, minimizing stress.

・Secure clasp : Features a secure clasp that can be easily removed in case of emergency. Prevent accidents by safely releasing your pet when it gets stuck on something.

-Adjustable Size : The collar is adjustable and can be resized as your cat grows. It is comfortable to use while maintaining a proper fit.

- Stylish designs : Perlos cat collars come in a variety of stylish and unique designs. Bright colors and unique patterns will bring out your cat's personality.

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