Haqihana Hakihana leash restock notice

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hakihana leash

Haqihana Hakihana Leash (Lead) 1.5M/15mm All colors are back in stock!

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Thank you for your continued patronage of Alice's Dog & Cat.

The following colors of "Hakihana Leash 1.5M/15mm ", which were out of stock for about 3 months, are now in stock.

Hakihana 1.5M/15mm leash (lead)












(Please note that we are currently receiving a large number of orders and may run out of stock depending on the timing of your contact.)

*2M/15mm is also in stock, but some products are out of stock as soon as they arrive. 3M/20mm is scheduled to arrive in April.

Hakihana color variations

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