About future handling of Haqihana products

by スタッフAlice’s Dog & Cat

Since last year, we have been informing you that the inventory of Haqihana products that we have been handling has decreased and that the next arrival date has not yet been determined.

We are currently unable to predict when it will be in stock, but while we apologize for the inconvenience, it seems that the manufacturer Hakihana has announced a product called the ` `H Harness''.

We would like to formally inform you about this matter and the current situation with Hakihana.

First of all, we are currently investigating a product called " H Harness" sold by Hakihana, but we do not yet have detailed information on what kind of product it is.

Therefore, the Haqihana products that we have been recommending and selling so far are only " Haqihana Harnesses" and we would like you to understand that they are different products from " H Harnesses".

In addition, regarding the Haqihana products that we have been handling, from the time we started handling them to the present, the webbing of the harness has become loose (change in material), and the buckle has become harder since it arrived last year, making it difficult to open and close. We have requested improvements from Hakihana as we have noticed various changes in quality, such as the length of the leash being different from the stated size, but none of them have been found to be defective. However, there was no improvement.

 We believe that our trading companies have also received inquiries from customers who have purchased our products regarding quality issues and requests for returns and exchanges. I'm here. I'm sorry.

 In addition, since we started selling Haqihana products, we have only handled the Haqihana harness, and we are confident that it is the best product. We have put a lot of effort into selling it.

This is because we want to convey the goodness of Haqihana products to as many customers as possible.

Our company would like to continue working with Hakihana to spread the word about the goodness of Haqihana products, but if we continue to respond in the same way, we would like to protect our customers and business partners. We are temporarily restricting the handling of our products because we cannot guarantee our employees, etc., and this may affect our company's survival.

We will continue to have discussions with Hakihana, and we will notify you once a decision has been made regarding the handling of Haqihana products.

 We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your continued understanding.


While we sell the Haqihana Harness, we have developed a harness that has evolved in response to the many requests we receive.It is difficult to slip out, does not cause pain to the dog's body, and has been confirmed to be of good quality. We have prepared the following new brands of harnesses that we recommend to pet owners, so please consider them.


PERROS Harness

The Italian-made Perlos harness is an evolution of the H- type and Y -type harnesses, making it more stress-free for dogs and easier for owners to use.


4dox harness

The 4dox harness incorporates the British BAT (Canine Behavior Adjustment Training) method, increases communication and mutual understanding with dogs, and pursues comfort for dogs.


We will continue to strive to offer pet-oriented products that will please your dog or cat and impress their owners, so we look forward to your continued support.


Alice's Dog & Cat staff