[New product] Gift card sales started

by スタッフAlice’s Dog & Cat

Gift cards now on sale Alice’s dog&cat

We have started selling Alice's Dog & Cat gift cards!

When you're having trouble choosing a gift for a friend or family member who lives with a dog or cat, why not give them a gift that they can choose from using a gift card?

Gift cards give recipients the freedom to choose products and services that suit their tastes and needs. I'm sure you'll be happy with this.

[How to use gift cards]

1. Purchase a gift card ( here )

・Price information: ¥3,000, ¥5,000, ¥8,000, ¥10,000, ¥15,000

・Expiry date: 1 year

2. The purchaser will send a message to the registered email address. Send gift card code online

3. Send the gift card code to the recipient as a gift

4. After the person receiving the gift card selects the item they want or are interested in, proceed to the checkout and check out `` Enjoy shopping after entering the gift card code

5. If you make a purchase using a gift card code, we will gift wrap the item for you.

Gift cards are a great option when you're at a loss for a gift or don't know the recipient's preferences. Please think about it.

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