“ZOORO Grooming Comb Long Type” to prevent hair loss in long-haired breeds

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Long-haired hair loss care ZOORO grooming comb long type

Owners of long-haired dogs and cats are always worried about how to care for and prevent hair loss.

Hair falls out all year round, not just during the shedding season, and in large amounts.

This time, we will introduce hair loss prevention and care products recommended for long-haired breeds.

<Table of contents>

  • About hair loss in long-haired breeds
  • Hair loss measures and solutions for long-haired breeds
  • When brushing, what kind of brush should I choose?
  • ZOORO grooming comb long type recommended for long-haired breeds
  • Suitable dog/cat breeds
  • customer's voice
  • summary


Why ZOORO grooming comb long type is good for long-haired dogs and cats

1. Protects healthy hair and removes only unnecessary hair.

2. Many people say that dogs and cats are less likely to dislike it, and even those who don't like brushing no longer dislike it.

3. The ergonomically researched shape makes it easy to fit in your hand, and it is lightweight and easy to hold, so you can treat hair loss from every corner of your dog or cat's body.

About hair loss in long-haired breeds

Zoro grooming comb long type

The problem with hair loss in long-haired dogs and cats may be the amount of hair they shed.

I think all living things shed hair, but long-haired species seem to have a particularly high rate of hair loss.

The effects on dogs and cats themselves include tangled fur, hairballs, and easy dirt.

Even if you brush your hair, you may notice more hair falling out the next day.

The effects on owners include having hair on their clothes, having loose hair lying around in their rooms, and being difficult to clean.

It can also cause washing machines and vacuum cleaners to malfunction.

Hair loss, which causes so many problems, requires solid countermeasures.

What are the measures and solutions for hair loss in long-haired breeds?

Zoro grooming comb long type

Regular care is required to prevent hair loss.

In the case of long-haired breeds, when caring for tangles and hairballs after they have formed, removing them can be very painful and painful for dogs and cats.

Also, in the case of severe pilling, combing may not be able to get rid of it, and the only way to remove the pill may be to cut it out.

Owners who love their dogs and cats don't want to go through the pain or cut out healthy hair.

Therefore, it is important to take proper care of it on a daily basis.

Brushing, in particular, requires less effort than shampooing and may even be done every day.

Dogs and cats have more delicate and sensitive skin than humans, so shampooing your dog or cat less than once a month can cause skin irritation if washed too much.

However, if you brush your hair with a brush that is safe to use every day and take good care of it, the amount of hair shedding will gradually decrease, leading to prevention and resolution of problems.

What kind of brush to choose and how to choose a brush

Zoro grooming comb long type

I wrote that you can brush your cat every day, but depending on the brush you use, there are some dangerous ones that may cut out healthy hair.

Also, if you focus too much on the same area, you may get injured.

Brush selection is very important.

The key points when choosing a brush are:

-Do not remove healthy hair
-Do not cut off healthy hair
・Hard to dislike dogs and cats
・Easy to use for owners
・Items that have been confirmed to be safe for daily use

I think it's a good idea to choose a brush that has these characteristics.

It is especially important not to pluck out or cut off healthy hair, and even if you think you have removed the hair, it may turn out that you have just cut off the hair.

The coat has functions such as protecting against sunlight and ultraviolet rays and regulating body temperature, so removing even healthy hair can be harmful to your dog or cat's body.

Choose the right brush.


“ZOORO Grooming Comb Long Type” recommended for long-haired breeds

zoro grooming comb

ZOORO Grooming Comb Long Type is the popular ZOORO Grooming Comb for long-haired breeds.

It has been researched and manufactured by grooming experts to be easy to use for long-haired breeds and to remove only unwanted hair.

As for the shape, the blade part has two types of curves and different fineness on both sides, so it can be used depending on the condition of the hair.

The shallow curve and fine-grained surface allows for smoother brushing when brushing for the first time or when the tangles are severe.

The deeply curved, coarse-grained surface allows you to remove loose hair even more deeply when you want to remove it.

Unlike other brushes, the ZOORO grooming comb long type can remove loose hair very well, but it only removes hair that has already fallen out and is stuck on the body while protecting healthy hair. remove.

Therefore, ZOORO grooming comb is a brush that can be used every day without any problems.

Another feature of the ZOORO grooming comb is that dogs and cats are less likely to dislike it, and the long type also has it, so even though it's easier to remove than other brushes, they don't dislike it! We have heard many comments like this.

* ZOORO Grooming Comb Long Type is a brush specialized for removing loose hair, so depending on the condition of your dog or cat's hair before brushing, if the hair is quite tangled or pilled, please comb it first with a coarse comb etc. When using ZOORO grooming comb long type, you can smoothly care for hair loss.

One thing that owners will appreciate is that it is lightweight and has a recess in the handle where you can hook your fingers, making it easy to hold and brush.

If the brush itself is heavy or difficult to hold, you may find it difficult and difficult to use it.

ZOORO Grooming Comb Long Type is a brush that is effective for long-haired dogs and cats, and is also gentle for owners.

Suitable dog/cat breeds

Zoro grooming comb long type

Dog breeds: Border collie, Sheltie, Cavalier, Pekingese, Pomeranian, long coat Chihuahua, etc.

Zoro grooming comb long type

Cat breeds: Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest Cat, Persian Cat, Siberian, British Longhair, etc.

Suitable for dogs and cats with straight long or medium-length hair.

For medium-haired breeds, if you are confused between the ZOORO grooming comb for short-haired breeds and the long type for long-haired breeds.

If the hair length is between long hair and short hair, and you are unsure whether to choose the long type, normal size, or mini size, if your dog or cat has the following hair types, the blade should be of a certain length. If you cannot scoop the hair without one, we recommend the long type.

・If you have straight hair with a length of 5 cm or more and a thin, textured coat, or if you have thick, fluffy hair or want to trim the coat.

Zoro grooming comb long type

customer's voice

I'm glad I purchased it.

The family cat is Norwegian. With the comb I had, I had to comb it very hard to reach the depths, which caused damage to my skin.
This time, I used the Zoro Grooming Comb Long Type, and just by combing it in a gentle stroking motion, the deep hair came loose and brushing was stress-free for both humans and cats, so I was glad I purchased it. . (★★★★★)


You can take a lot.

I used it on my border collie, and it really pulls through. What kind of care have you been receiving up until now? ! That's about it.
It was really gross. The person being brushed doesn't feel any pain, but they don't like the feeling of being pulled.
I will try to take care of it little by little. ( ★★★★★)

I'm glad I purchased it.

I always groomed my long-haired cat with a comb, but some of them didn't like it, and sometimes hairballs formed.
I found the Zoro grooming comb and bought it even though I thought it was a little expensive.
I tried using it as soon as it arrived and was surprised at how much hair was removed.
It is also good to have a coarse comb and a fine comb. ( ★★★★★)


I no longer hate brushing!

I had used various slicker brushes, but couldn't find one that I liked, so I purchased this product.
I used it on my long-coated Chihuahua, and it removed a lot of hair.
I felt that the fine grained areas were effective for the frayed areas.
I hope there will be less dog hair in the room. 5 stars. ( ★★★★★)

Recommended for long-haired cats who don't like brushes

Bought this for my cat who hates brushes.
I am thankful that it comes off a lot and I don't have to worry about it as much as I do with a brush.
I'm looking forward to the shedding season.
It was light and could be removed with just a little stroking. ( ★★★★★)


Zoro grooming comb long type

Hair loss, which is one of the top concerns when living with a pet, can be corrected through regular care.

Brushing is also essential for your pet's health, and if you have a brush that is gentle on your pet's body and can be done efficiently without stress, both pets and owners can do it comfortably.

ZOORO Grooming Comb Long Type differs from previous brushes in that it can effectively remove unwanted hair, and is also gentle enough to be used every day.

Hair loss care for long-haired breeds is very important for pets to stay healthy and owners to live comfortably.

Take care of hair loss efficiently and thoroughly with ZOORO Grooming Comb Long Type .