Calming signal “dog language” interjects

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Calming signal “dog language” interjects

You may have seen this calming signal at home or at the dog park.

Especially couples and families who live with dogs may have experienced this behavior at home.

Let's take a closer look at the calming signal of stepping in.

What kind of action does it take to intervene?

What kind of action does it take to intervene?

As the word suggests, intervening is a behavior in which your dog gets in between people, between people, between dogs, when a person is taking care of a child on their lap, etc. It means.

Have you ever been dancing around holding someone's hand or sitting crammed together on the couch and your dog has stepped in between you?

Reason for intervening

Reason for intervening

When it comes to people, you may think that the reason why your dog intervenes is because it seems to be a sign of jealousy, or because you want someone to pay attention to you.

You may feel that way at times, but this act of intervening as a calming signal is actually intervening for the purpose of preventing conflict.

Dogs judge that tension is likely to occur when people or dogs get too close to each other, and try to calm them down by intervening.

For example, when puppies are playing with each other, if one of the puppies gradually becomes excited and becomes violent, the adult dog steps in between the puppies and stops the movement to prevent the situation from escalating further. Masu.

How to deal with calming signals that come in between

How to deal with calming signals that come in between

Intervening calming signals are used to prevent a fight from occurring, so when your dog engages in this behavior, be aware that your dog is feeling a little anxious.

If you are in a situation where people are getting too close to each other, it is a good idea to keep your dog at ease by keeping a little distance from them.

Also, if your dog intervenes, it may be a good idea to praise him as he is trying to prevent a fight.


Calming signal interjects

The calming signal that intervenes is a little different from the previous calming signals, and it tries to firmly convey the intention to humans and dogs not only with the signal but also with the movement.

Even if you don't fully understand other calming signals, I think this calming signal is very easy to understand and notice, so when your dog comes in between you, make sure you realize that it's giving off a calming signal. please.

Also, try to understand their feelings and make your dog feel safe.

Learn calming signals for a comfortable life with your dog.

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