Calming signal “dog language” yawn

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Calming signal “dog language” yawn

Yawning is probably the most well-known and interesting calming signal. The yawn signal is a signal that we humans can also enjoy using, so this time we will introduce yawning in detail.

What kind of behavior is yawning?

What kind of behavior is yawning?

I think people often yawn when they feel sleepy.

You've probably seen dogs yawn with their mouths wide open when they're sleepy or when they wake up. Sometimes dogs yawn because they're sleepy, but that's not the only reason.

Have you ever seen your dog yawning even though you didn't think he was sleepy?

So let's find out why dogs yawn and understand more about your dog.

Reasons for yawning

Reasons for yawning

Yawning is a calming signal. Dogs give a yawning signal when they feel a little anxious, scared, or stressed.

Yawn signals are given when you take your dog to the hospital, when a fight breaks out in your family, or when your dog encounters something that he or she doesn't like (loud noises such as thunder or fireworks). is often issued.

Also, if you love your dog too much, you may end up hugging him too tightly or lifting him to a high position, and your dog may yawn repeatedly.

This is because the dog felt that the owner's expressions of affection were a little uncomfortable for the dog, so the calming signal of yawning was being emitted.

How to deal with the calming signal of yawning

How to deal with the calming signal of yawning

The reason why I said that the calming signal of yawning can be fun for owners to use is because I think this yawning signal is the easiest signal for owners to use.

A yawn signal can also be given by owners when they want their dog to calm down.

If you notice that your dog is scared, try yawning.

Owners can also give a yawn signal to their dog if they are irritated or excited and become restless.

This will help your dog calm down any anxious or excited feelings.

The yawn signal allows the owner to let the dog know that it's okay, and I think it's useful for communicating with the dog.


Calming signal yawn

Yawning has different meanings for humans and dogs.

Owners who don't know about this calming signal may wonder why the dog keeps yawning, or misunderstand it, thinking that it's because the dog is so sleepy.

However, once you understand why your dog yawns, it is a calming signal that is very easy to understand and notice. Look carefully for calming signals.

Then, you will be able to deeply understand your dog and help him lead a comfortable life.

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