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Safe for large cats too!

Stark, a 11.7kg Maine Coon, has been using it with great satisfaction since the first day he arrived!
I was wondering whether to buy L or M, but since the cage is 90 x 60 and there is plenty of room for my size, I decided to buy M.
I started riding it right away the first day it arrived, and I've been lazing around on it most of the day! Whenever I buy one, it's too small or has a bad smell, so it doesn't get used much and ends up being passed on to other cats, but Stark won't let go of this one! I'm glad I bought it! !
Maine Coon has a large body, so I always felt that the size of cat supplies was not enough, so I couldn't choose the right one.
I can't buy one that's meant for dogs because I feel it's a little too flat for cats.
This cushion is thick and dignified and easily supports my 12kg weight, and is also sturdy enough for me to sleep with my head resting on the edge.
I'm really glad I bought it.
I would like to recommend it to large, heavy-duty cats.

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