(Max Born)

max bone is an innovative and sophisticated pet products brand for dog lovers and their dogs.

Parisa Fowles-Pazdro, CEO/founder and designer of max bone, is a dog lover herself, and when she was looking for pet products for her English bulldog, Mackintosh, she couldn't find anything she liked and found it expensive. We noticed challenges in the pet industry, such as the lack of quality materials and high-quality design.

This inspired her to design products for her dogs and their families that were inspired by both the fashion and interior design industries in which she worked, and in 2016 she created Max Bone's Establish a brand.

max bone products focus on quality and fabrics, creating designs that are timeless, modern, simple and of high quality, rather than following trends, making your dog effortlessly elegant.

To date, it is sold in over 200 boutiques around the world and two Max Bone flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York.

This brand, which has captivated many celebrities such as Anna Wintour, Sofia Coppola, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Amanda Seyfried, etc., has recently added cat products to its lineup. It is one of the most popular and popular American pet products brands around the world, including partnering with Disney for a collection celebrating Mickey's 90th anniversary.

At Alice's Dog & Cat, we are impressed by their brand, deeply understand and resonate with their concept, and aim to provide high quality and more sophisticated pet products to dog and cat lovers in Japan. We are now handling max bone products.

Please enjoy the world view of max bone.

Inspired by simple and unique Scandinavian design, Max Born's lifestyle products are thoughtfully crafted to suit all dog breeds and sizes, mutually enhancing your pet's comfort and style.

Maxbone considers practicality in all of its products, and even stylish accents have a functional element. Their mission is to create elegant products for your dog.

Maxbone fabrics are carefully curated for comfort, stretch, durability and class. We partner only with the best factories around the world to ensure every item meets our premium standards.


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Stylish and practical!

The timeless and sophisticated design means you can use it for a long time without getting tired of it.

Excerpt from published magazine

Rather than following trends, it attracts dog lovers around the world with its sophisticated design that combines timeless modernity, simplicity, and quality.

"Maxbone raincoats are an example of how style and function can go hand in hand."

Fortune- July 27, 2019

"Parisa's upscale LA store attracts customers from as far away as Vancouver and Tokyo."

Telegraph- FEBRUARY 22, 2019

"Almost hidden among all the design stores in New York, Maxbone is the classiest and most sophisticated store in New York."

New York Magazine - MAR. 6, 2017