Kangapooch dog sling (dog carrier)


When our founder Michael was traveling in Europe with his dog, he experienced the difficulties of carrying a dog while carrying luggage and traveling with a dog. Based on this experience, he realized that traveling with a dog can be done easily. This is a brand that was conceived and created in San Francisco in 2014 with fashion designer Chelsea.

KANGAPOOCH is a brand name that combines Kangaroo pouch and POOCH dog.


KANGAPOOCH is an American sling bag brand designed, engineered, and manufactured in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Designer Chelsea Snyder interned at the fashion house of famous Belgian designer Veronique Branquniho and successfully blends European sensibilities with American robustness.

Designed to prevent it from slipping off your shoulder, it puts less strain on your pet's feet and body, is made from very light yet durable material, and features a simple design that can be used by both men and women.

Advantages of Slingbag sling bag (dog carrier)

Merit 1.

Peace of mind because you can keep an eye on your dog with the sling bag on your chest

Your dog feels safe and close to its owner

A sling bag is a bag that can feel the owner's face and heartbeat, giving the pet a sense of psychological security.

merit 2

Fit and stability that hugs your pet

Kangapooch's sling bag wraps around your pet's body like a hammock to provide support and a comfortable fit. In addition, the high holding position raises the center of gravity that supports your dog, increasing the feeling of close contact with each other and creating a stable holding feeling. Your dog won't hit your thigh every time you walk.

Even if you move or run with the sling bag, it is stable and easy to move around in, just like a kangaroo pocket.

Kangapooch Recycled Rubber Waste Bag Carrier

(Poop bag case)

We collect discarded tire tubes from bicycle shops in Oakland, California, and reuse them as the main material for our bags, making the most of the material's characteristics. The ``one-of-a-kind'' Kanga Pooch Poo Poo bag case, with each item having a different texture and no two items being exactly the same, is for people who are particular about things and want to have something a little different from other people. This is a bag for people.