brand story

Haqihana does not cause your dog to feel pain, tightness, rubbing, or other discomfort.

This is an Italian harness/leash brand founded in 2003 that has thoroughly studied the shape and skeleton of dogs to ensure maximum comfort.

Hakihana established the "calming signal" that became famous in Japan as "dog language",

This is the only harness and leash recommended and used by world-renowned zoologist/dog trainer Turid Rugaas.

To be comfortable for dogs

Haqihana was moved by international scientific literature that dog collars often cause physical and psychological pain, and was inspired to create an alternative to dog collars.
The design shape, precision of the product, and quality of the materials are based on thorough research into the shape and bone structure of dogs, making it easy to wear and providing a natural fit for your dog. Furthermore, it does not cause pain, a feeling of restriction, friction to the skin, injury, restriction of movement, or other discomfort at any time.

All I can do for my four-legged friend

We believe that it is very important for dogs to be safe and comfortable, so we use high quality materials made in Europe, which has strict environmental regulations, and are non-toxic, non-allergenic, and recyclable. However, it is handmade with great attention to detail by certified craftsmen to increase the durability of the finished product.

high quality material

Stylish color variations, no uneven coloring, and durable nylon material allows you to maintain vivid colors for a long time. Nylon is well known for its softness, optimal strength-to-weight ratio, abrasion resistance, and chemical and biological stability. And it's completely recyclable.

This is proof that the high quality German HS snap hooks and Hakihana tags that have passed strict European safety standards are genuine products.

Hakihana, a brand loved by dog ​​lovers in 27 countries around the world

Haqihana's harnesses are loved by dog ​​lovers and dog trainers in 27 countries around the world, as well as in Europe, an advanced pet-friendly country, for their fit, ease of installation, design, and resistance to breakage.

Environmentally friendly materials

Hakihana has always maintained a policy of eco-sustainability, and at every stage of production (from procurement to shipping of finished products), we pay maximum consideration to the environment and use 100% recyclable materials. Masu.

Product tags are 100 % organic label holders made from compostable plant fibers

product collection

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Haqihana harness for large dogs

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