Pet supplies for dogs and cats Alice's Dog & Cat

Alice's Dog & Cat Original

Alice's Dog and Cat Original

brand story

In the life of a pet, I've noticed that there are many pet products that put people's comfort first, rather than their dogs, cats, and other pets.

We believe that the joy of dogs and cats living together will bring excitement and satisfaction to their owners as well.

This brand was born in 2018 with the aim of providing products that dogs and cats will enjoy.

Leo & Luna is a collection of cushions, cages, and wonderful accessories made just for those of us who love pets.
Comfortable, 'soft', machine washable and easy to care for, the collection includes a wide range of solids and patterns in a variety of materials including technical fabrics, cotton and velvet.
A kennel is your little four-legged friend's "home."
Leo & Luna is a brand of affordable dog kennels that can be easily combined with a variety of environments at home, as it is a soft place for dogs and cats to rest their noses and want to change frequently.
Choose the best kennel to make your home even more intimate and special.

About the name Leo & Luna
The double L of Leo & Luna represents the four-legged tail that both dogs and cats love.

The tails hugging the L-shape of the moon symbolize the values ​​of "friendship," "sharing," and "brotherhood," as our products connect dogs and cats with their owners.
An important value inherent in our business ethics is to create products that are designed to provide comfort to your ideal life companions: Leo (the cat) and Luna (the dog).
"Leo" and "Luna" are also the most commonly used names for cats and dogs in Italy.
Luna is placed before Leo, of course, because it is "Ladies First," but the way the logo is read remains the same! It is read from the bottom (Leo) to the top (Moon)!
The gold parts, which are the symbol of the Union, represent our DNA as "fashion interior designers."
Our goal is to design your home beautifully by offering a wide selection of colors, patterns and fabrics to suit your interior design tastes.
Choose the perfect bed from the series for your beloved pet.

Pet supplies that your dog or cat will love

Even if you purchase a product for your dog or cat, if your dog and cat don't let you use it, your purchase will go to waste. Alice's Dog & Cat plans products based on the belief that products that bring joy to dogs and cats will convey that joy to their owners.

Pet supplies for dogs and cats Alice's Dog & Cat
Pet supplies for dogs and cats Alice's Dog & Cat

Practical and comfortable products for pet owners

Pet owners have various concerns when living with dogs, cats, and other pets.

You want to keep your living space cleaner, or you want to avoid problems while walking.

We are proposing products that can solve such problems even if only a little.

We also offer products that are easy to use, that make you feel glad you bought them every time you use them, and that you want to recommend to your friends and other people.

Add style and excitement to your pet's life

We import and plan pet products with sophisticated designs and colors that make you feel happy and have a more enjoyable life with your dog or cat .

Pet supplies for dogs and cats Alice's Dog & Cat
Pet supplies for dogs and cats Alice's Dog & Cat

High quality and sustainable materials that will be loved for many years

We aim to create products that have been loved for a long time since the era of disposable items and can be used for a long time.We carefully select materials that are friendly to the global environment.

Alice's Dog & Cat Original Collection

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