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brand story

4dox is a brand founded in 2009 .

The business owner IVANA 's dog got lost, and as a solution to prevent such situations, she created a unique collar with a phone number on it and put it on her dog.

Since then, we have expanded to provide pet supplies for dogs and their owners.

4dox is used by many dog ​​trainer schools in Europe.

4dox is a Czech brand with stores in Slovakia, the Netherlands, and France as well as the Czech Republic, and sells special harnesses that are gentle on dogs.

Over 300,000 dogs use 4dox .

Max Bone is an innovative and sophisticated American pet products brand for dog lovers and their dogs.
Parisa Fowles-Pazdro, CEO/founder and designer of max bone, is a dog lover herself, and when she was looking for pet products for her English bulldog, Mackintosh, she couldn't find anything she liked and found it expensive. We noticed challenges in the pet industry, such as the lack of quality materials and high-quality design.
This inspired her to design products for her dogs and their families that were inspired by both the fashion and interior design industries in which she worked, and in 2016 she created Max Bone's Establish a brand.

max bone products focus on quality and fabrics, making your dog elegant with designs that are timeless, modern, simple and of high quality, rather than following trends.

Quality: Durable and soft materials with a focus on quality

The inside that touches your dog's body is made of padded material that gently wraps around your dog's body, making it ideal for dogs with sensitive skin. This harness is made with special professional stitching to make it durable, hard to break, and to be loved for a long time. Fully adjustable harness with a good fit, suitable for growing large dogs.

Brand Pet Supplies 4dox
Brand Pet Supplies 4dox

Harness recommended by renowned dog experts across Europe

This harness is chosen by dog ​​trainers, dog therapists, and dog physical therapists active in Europe due to its gentleness and safety .

Comfortable for rehabilitated and senior dogs

It is used at the Big Dog Center in Prague to rehabilitate dogs when they start walking after being hit by a car, and to transition them into the water. It is used as a body-friendly and safe harness for dogs with various problems, such as helping dogs recover from physical problems with their body movement, back or legs.

Brand Pet Supplies 4dox
Brand Pet Supplies 4dox

3 ring system

BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training) invented in the UK

It comes from the method. This is about a dog's learned behavior system, which is used to encourage open communication and understanding between dog and owner.

There is one ring on the chest and two rings on the back, and by using them according to the dog's personality and habits, communication between the owner and the dog will be smoother.

4dox collection

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Comfort Plus Harness

Switch Lige/Lead 2M

Walking/training apron