Alice's Dog & Cat's thoughts


I tend to prefer the comfort and convenience of people over pets.

I tend to think about it.

Alice's Dog & Cat

Pets who cannot express their dissatisfaction in words

Helps with stress and pain

Such an important partner and owner

We want to cherish strong and warm bonds.

Live a healthy life with your precious pet.

Let's live comfortably together.

Let's spend each day feeling happy together

The pets and their owners who care for them are happy.

We hope that your pet will have a life filled with joy.

We are Alice's Dog & Cat.

For beloved dogs, cats, and their owners,

You can only meet here

Comfortable and sophisticated, carefully selected mainly from Europe

Including sustainable "Japan exclusive brand",

We plan original products that are convenient for living with pets.

A better way to feel excited and happy in your daily life

We offer pet supplies and services.

Alice's Dog & Cat staff