Veterinarian Column: Going out with your pet during a long vacation ~If you are unsure whether to bring your pet with you~

by Alice's Dog & Cat獣医師

During the year-end and New Year holidays, there will be more outings such as going home and traveling.

If you want to enjoy your trip and are unsure whether to bring your pet with you, consider the advantages and disadvantages of bringing your pet with you.

Traveling to an unknown place for a long time can be stressful for pets. The first thing to do is to be in good physical condition.

Also, think about whether it is really best for your child to take your child with you rather than having them stay at home.

Pets you can enjoy traveling with


At your travel destination, there are facilities where dogs can enjoy their time together, such as dog runs attached to service areas and shops that allow dogs.

Pets that cause stress when traveling with them


Cats feel very stressed in unfamiliar environments. It is not recommended to take your dog with you on a trip, as if he runs away outside, he may get lost.

・Exotic animals

Exotic animals can also be stressed by a different environment than usual, and traveling can be a burden.

When taking your pet on a trip

Things to check before going out

・Vaccinations and flea and tick prevention Since there are opportunities for your pet to come into contact with other animals while traveling, please take preventive measures in advance.

- Veterinary hospital at your travel destination Just in case, it is a good idea to check nearby veterinary hospitals and night emergency veterinary hospitals at your travel destination.


・Carry case: Get used to it.
・Cage: Prepare a cage for your pet at your accommodation. For exotic animals, it is best to use the one you usually use.
・Water dispenser, water/feed container, food (for several days), snacks ・Toilet ・Harness, leash ・Toilet paper and plastic bags in case you get sick ・Medications you usually take



Some dogs get car sick. Some cats get drunk, although not as much as dogs. Get your dog used to driving around on a regular basis, and if your child inevitably gets drunk, have your dog prescribed motion sickness medication at the veterinarian. Please note that the temperature inside the carrying case may be high. Consider the burden of traveling and take frequent breaks.

・Train, bus:

There are restrictions on the size and weight of carry cases, so be sure to check in advance. For Shinkansen and all JR lines, a carry-on fee will be charged. Pets are not allowed on express buses. Pets cannot be taken out of the carrying case, so long-term travel is not recommended. A child who barks in a carrier or a child who is not used to carrying a carrier may find it difficult to travel on public transportation.


Check-in conditions vary depending on the airline (some airlines do not allow pets), so be sure to check in advance. Brachycephalic breeds are at risk of heat stroke and breathing difficulties, so you may not be able to leave them with them, so please be careful. Unlike when traveling by car or train, pets have to be kept in the cargo hold while traveling, and the disadvantage is that they cannot travel with you.

Things to be careful about while traveling

・Is the schedule reasonable? Make sure your pet has enough time to rest.
・Are you properly hydrated? Please be careful as you may not have access to water while traveling. Also, when transporting the water dispenser in a carrying case, check to see if water has spilled inside the case.
・When you travel, you tend to give your pet foods you don't normally give them, so avoid giving them foods you're not used to giving them to avoid upsetting their stomachs.

When you come back from a trip

・Your pet is also tired, so let's relax at home for a few days so that he can rest.

If you don't want to take your pet on a trip

If you leave your pet in a pet hotel or veterinary hospital, vaccinations and flea and tick prevention are essential as there is a possibility that your pet will come into contact with other animals.

Please note that depending on the type of animal, we may not be able to take care of it.

Especially for exotic animals, be sure to find out where you want to leave them and whether you need to bring a cage with you.

The disadvantages are that the stress of being separated from the owner and the stress of a different environment may make the dog refrain from going to the toilet, and the dog may lose appetite and become unwell.

It gets crowded during long holidays such as the year-end and New Year holidays, so be sure to make your reservations early.

Pet hotel:

Depending on the pet hotel, we offer a variety of services such as being able to take your pet for a walk or keeping it in a large cage.

Veterinary hospital: If your pet has a chronic disease or becomes unwell while in our care, your pet will receive immediate treatment at the discretion of a veterinarian.

Because some animals are hospitalized, there is a limit to the number of animals we can take care of. Some animal hospitals may not accept your pet.

Have a pet sitter care for you at home:

It's less stressful for your pet because you can spend time without changing their normal living environment.

Disadvantages include long unattended hours and having to leave the key with someone else.