Veterinarian Column: Have you forgotten? [Rabies vaccination]

by Alice's Dog & Catスタッフ

Alice'sDog & Cat Veterinarian Column Rabies Vaccination

Dog owners are required to have their dogs vaccinated against rabies every year. However, rabies vaccination rates are declining. Rabies group injections have been canceled due to the new coronavirus, so there may be people who have forgotten to vaccinate their dogs, or who are refraining from getting vaccinated at a veterinary hospital due to refraining from going out.

This time we will explain some questions about rabies vaccination.

◎ What is rabies?

Rabies is not just a viral infection that affects dogs, but is a viral infection that can infect most mammals. It is a terrifying infectious disease with a 100% mortality rate if it develops.

Only a few countries, including Japan, have no domestic outbreaks of rabies. Roughly 55,000 people still die from rabies each year worldwide.

Although there has been no outbreak of rabies in humans or animals in Japan since 1957, it was reported in the news this year that a person was bitten by a dog in a rabies-endemic country and developed symptoms after arriving in Japan.

◎ Why is rabies vaccination necessary?

Alice's Dog & Cat Veterinarian Column Have you forgotten? Rabies vaccination

In neighboring countries where rabies is endemic, dogs are the main source of spread. The WHO requires a vaccination rate of at least 70% to stop the spread of rabies.

In the unlikely event that rabies invades Japan, owners are required to receive a rabies vaccination once a year.


◎ What is the rabies prevention method?

Owners must register their dogs and have them vaccinated against rabies.

In addition, the issued license tag and vaccination tag must be attached to the dog.


◎ What will happen to dogs and owners if they do not register or receive vaccinations?

Unregistered dogs, unvaccinated dogs, and unlicensed dogs are subject to capture and detention. The owner will also be fined up to 200,000 yen.


◎ Where can I get a rabies vaccination?

Rabies vaccinations can be administered at a veterinary hospital. In some cases, you can receive an injection certificate on the spot from the veterinary hospital, and in other cases, you need to take the injection certificate to the local public health center and have it issued by yourself, and in other cases, the veterinary hospital will carry out the procedure on your behalf. , you may be given a vaccination certificate at a later date. Please check with the veterinary hospital where you plan to vaccinate your dog.


◎ Can I postpone rabies vaccination?

If your dog is unwell or has a serious chronic illness, your dog may be exempt from rabies vaccination at the discretion of your veterinarian. For example, if your dog has had an allergic reaction to a rabies vaccination in the past, has a severe immune disease, is undergoing cancer treatment, etc., the dog will be exempted if the vaccination could affect its life. . Exemptions cannot be granted based on the owner's judgment, so be sure to have your pet examined by a veterinarian and take the issued grace certificate with you to a public health center.


◎ What is the vaccination period for rabies vaccination?

Alice'sDog & Cat Veterinarian Column Rabies Vaccination

The rabies vaccination period is supposed to be from April to June every year, but this year the vaccination period has been postponed in many places. Also, even if you forget and the prescribed vaccination period has passed, you can still get your dog vaccinated at a veterinary hospital, and you can go through the necessary procedures, so be sure to get your dog vaccinated.


Rabies is a terrifying infectious disease with a 100% mortality rate. Rabies vaccination is required by law, and it is important to vaccinate your dog to prevent rabies in case rabies enters Japan. It's safe in Japan, so it's unacceptable not to vaccinate your dog just because it's an indoor dog.

Get your dog vaccinated against rabies once a year, and attach a tag and vaccination tag to your dog.