Veterinarian Column: Preparing to welcome a dog

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Alice’s Dog&Cat Veterinarian Column Preparing to welcome a dog

Before welcoming a dog, you need to prepare in advance. Prepare a preparation list so you don't forget anything.

preparation list

◎ Tableware/drinking bowl (water dispenser)

When puppies are young, it is easier for them to eat shallow dishes. It is best to choose one that is durable and easy to clean.
Choose a drinking bowl that has a deep bottom and is difficult to tip over. We recommend a bowl that can hold water well, but if your dog tends to knock it over, a water dispenser that can be attached to the cage is better.


At first, feed your pet the food that your pet store or breeder gave you. Be careful if you suddenly change the food, as your dog may not eat it or it may cause an upset stomach.

Toilet, toilet sheets, deodorant

We recommend using a toilet that can securely secure the sheets so that they cannot be tampered with.
Deodorizing spray is useful when you make a mistake using the toilet. Choose a deodorant spray that is not harmful to your body and avoids chlorine.

Cage (Circle)

The cage has a ceiling so you don't have to worry about it jumping out. Also, since it has a floor surface, it also has the advantage of not leaking onto the floor if you make a mistake using the toilet. Since the circle does not have a ceiling, it has the advantage of being easy to clean and take dogs in and out.


Bed (towel, blanket, cushion)

Create a bed in the cage where your cat can sleep safely.


It can be used in various situations such as stress relief, discipline, and exercise. Choose something that is strong and cannot be bitten into pieces, or one that is large enough that it cannot be swallowed whole.

Harness lead

Choose something that is safe and secure for your dog and will not cause stress. It's best to get the right size, so you can get it all together after your dog comes home. Collars are not good because they put strain on the dog's neck. Choose a harness if possible.

Crate (carry bag)

You will need it when going out, going to the hospital, or evacuating from a disaster. Get used to it from an early age.

Care goods

It is convenient to have grooming brushes , toothbrushes, nail clippers, and disinfectant wipes that can be used on dogs for cleaning.

 Preparing the environment

Flooring is slippery and can cause injury to your legs and lower back. Place a mat or carpet in your dog's play area.
Avoid entering dangerous areas such as the kitchen and stairs with gates.
Cover electrical outlets and cords to prevent your dog from chewing them.
Dogs may eat unexpected things. Put away coins, rings, medicine, rubber, tissues, and anything else that could be eaten.

◎ Things to know before getting a dog

What kind of animal is a dog? Learn about the dog's habits and consider whether it fits your lifestyle (can you keep one even if you live alone or with both parents?).

・Where to buy a dog? Will you get it? :In addition to pet shops and breeders, you can meet dogs at custody transfer events.

・What is the lifespan of a dog ? What are the lifetime costs ? :The average lifespan is said to be 12 to 15 years. Lifetime costs include initial costs, food costs, consumables, preventive care, and medical costs. It varies depending on the size of the dog, but it is said to be between 2 and 4 million. You need to make a decision that takes into account your own health and finances.

・Where is the veterinary hospital located, and what days and hours are it open? : You never know when your dog will get sick or injured, so be sure to check your local veterinary clinic and nighttime veterinary clinic so that you can respond to emergencies.

・The recommended time to keep your pet is during a long vacation. You can prepare the environment with plenty of time and keep an eye on it for a while.

When you adopt a dog, you are welcoming a family member. Can you take responsibility and take care of them until the end? Take time to talk carefully with your family and prepare to welcome them.

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