Veterinarian column: About pets and the new coronavirus Additional notes

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Until now, it has been thought that pets cannot be infected with the new coronavirus. However, cases of infection in dogs in Hong Kong and cats in Belgium have been reported, making it clear that the new coronavirus is likely transmitted from humans to pets. However, to date, there have been no cases of the new coronavirus being transmitted from pets to humans or from pets to other pets.

Alice's Dog & Cat About pets and the new coronavirus

As the new coronavirus infection spreads in Japan, what can pet owners do to help their pets? The following is the opinion of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association and the Japan Clinical Veterinary Forum.

■Pet life

Dogs: Only walk around the house and avoid going outside. Avoid crowds and do not use dog runs to avoid contact with other dogs.

*There is a coronavirus vaccine for dogs, but this vaccine prevents canine gastrointestinal coronavirus and does not prevent the new coronavirus.

Cats: Just like dogs, keep them indoors and don't let them outside.

■If a pet owner is infected with the new coronavirus

Pets that have been in contact with a positive owner should avoid contact with people and other pets.

If the pet owner is hospitalized, please ask your doctor or public health center for instructions on what to do with your pet.

■If your pet is infected

Please isolate yourself at home and take care of yourself.

*Veterinary hospitals are not equipped to accept the new coronavirus. Additionally, Japan does not have a system in place to conduct PCR tests for the new coronavirus on animals.

If you have clinical symptoms, please call your veterinarian and contact the National Veterinary Department of Infectious Diseases.

The following is an excerpt from the opinion of Dr. Takuo Ishida, chairman of the Japan Clinical Veterinary Forum.

``In this case, the dog was a well-intentioned third party, and it is thought that it happened to receive the virus, and the question as to why the dog became infected is whether it was because it was an old dog, or because all dogs are like that.'' We do not yet know whether this is the case as the number of cases is small. However, even in places like China where there are many infected patients, there have been no reports of people contracting the disease from dogs. Dogs are important family members. Please never treat your dog as a bad person or abandon it, and do not be overly fearful and respond in a normal manner. ”

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To protect your precious pets, it is most important for owners to take thorough precautions to prevent them from contracting the coronavirus. Please try to reduce the risk of infection by avoiding unnecessary outings, washing your hands thoroughly, and disinfecting and disinfecting if you cannot wash your hands.

*Please see the website below for details.

・Japan Veterinary Medical Association

・Japan Clinical Veterinary Medicine Forum