Veterinarian Column: [Etiquette for walks and dog runs] For dogs and people to have a comfortable time

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You will meet many different dogs and people on walks and dog runs.

When going out with your dog, be sure to follow proper etiquette to prevent your dog from getting into trouble, such as fighting with one another or biting others.

◎ Manners while walking

Dog walking Hakihana

Be sure to keep your dog on a leash when not at home .

→Some people go for walks without wearing a leash because they think their child won't run away without a leash.

Unexpected events can cause your dog to become frightened and run away, potentially injuring other dogs or people.

Keep your dog safe by wearing a leash when not at home.

②If your dog barks at people or dogs passing by while you are out for a walk, be sure to scold him/her by telling him/her that he/she is naughty . Praise your dog when he stops barking .

→When a child barks at people or dogs during a walk, I hold him or pull the leash every time he barks, but he doesn't understand that barking is bad.

Let him know that he is not allowed to bark by scolding him.

③ Be sure to dispose of poop and urine properly .

→It doesn't mean that you can use the toilet anywhere outside during your walk. The act of using the toilet in front of your house or in a plant is considered unpleasant by others.

It is helpful to be able to control your dog's urge to urinate by saying things like "one two" and "toilet" on a regular basis.

It's a good idea to be able to use the restroom outside by calling out to them in a place where they won't be a nuisance. When urinating, don't forget to sprinkle water thoroughly at the end.

④To prevent your child from biting dogs or people, make sure your timid child can see others at a glance .

→While taking a walk, some people find cute dogs and touch them without saying anything. Some dogs may be scared and bite, or feel stressed by being touched.

It's difficult to explain to people meeting you for the first time that my child hates being touched, sometimes bites, and is fearful.

Do you know about the Yellow Dog Project? By attaching a yellow ribbon to the dog, the message is to leave the dog alone.

For timid children who are afraid of dogs and people, we recommend attaching a walk message patch so you can see it at a glance.

Dog walking message patch Alice's Dog & Cat

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◎ Manners at dockland

Dog run Dogrun

①Let your dog get used to other dogs before making his dog debut .

→Once the puppies have been vaccinated, some people want to take them for walks and then let them play in the dog run.

However, being suddenly placed in a group of dogs can be frightening for your dog, and may cause him to dislike dogs.

Let your dogs get used to each other on a leash, and once they get used to other dogs, let them make their dog run debut.

Don't take your eyes off your dog while on a dog run .

dog run trouble

→Be careful that the owner does not get so absorbed in the conversation that he or she does not look at the dog.

Dogs may not get along well with each other and fights may occur. If you are injured, you may have financial troubles such as medical expenses.

③When your dogs are fighting, distract them with something else .

Distract your dogs with other things when they are fighting.

→It is dangerous for owners to intervene in fights between dogs. The first thing to do is to distract the dog, as he may bite you.

Ways to distract your dog include scolding him for being naughty, pulling on his leash, pouring water on him, and making loud noises. Separate the dogs if they become distracted.

Be sure to use good manners in places where many people and dogs gather so that both people and dogs can have a pleasant time.


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