Veterinarian column: Chronic kidney disease in cats [New drug for kidney disease to be developed!?]

by Alice's Dog & Cat獣医師

Cats often develop kidney disease as they get older. Once kidney function is lost, treatment cannot restore it. Treatment for chronic kidney disease is aimed at slowing the progression; there are no drugs that can stop the progression.

On the internet news, there is talk that the University of Tokyo is conducting research on a drug to treat kidney disease, and that a drug to treat kidney disease in cats may be developed in the near future, making it possible for cats to avoid kidney disease. I did. This time we will explain in detail about chronic kidney disease in cats.

What is chronic kidney disease?

Chronic kidney disease is a condition in which abnormalities in kidney function and structure continue for a long period of time.


Early stages : Polydipsia, polyuria, mild loss of appetite, mild anemia, etc. are observed. Sometimes the symptoms may not show up again.

Mid-term : Loss of appetite, weight loss, anemia, dehydration, decreased mobility, vomiting, polyuria, oliguria, etc. are observed.

Late stage : Symptoms of uremia (affecting the digestive system, immune system, blood system, circulatory system, nervous system, etc., such as gastrointestinal ulcer, pancreatitis, and enteritis), loss of appetite, vomiting, and severe dehydration. Anemia, oliguria, and anuria are observed.


Blood tests : elevated BUN , creatinine, and SDMA levels

Urine test : Urine protein

X-ray examination, ultrasound examination : Confirmation of abnormalities in kidney morphology and structure

blood pressure measurement

While undergoing treatment, the above tests are repeated periodically to diagnose chronic kidney disease.


Classify the progression of kidney disease by stage. Treatment policies vary depending on the stage. We conduct regular examinations and provide treatment according to the stage of the disease.

Stage 1 : Creatinine value <1.6

Stage 2 : Creatinine level 1.6-2.8

Stage 3 : Creatinine level 2.8-5.

Stage 4 : Creatinine value >5.0

・Increase water intake. If you are still dehydrated even after trying to increase your water intake at home, give a subcutaneous drip.

・Started therapeutic diet for kidney disease

・Treatment of high blood pressure

・Treatment of low potassium

・Treatment of hyperphosphatemia

・Treatment of proteinuria

・Treatment of anemia

・Others: Treatment for vomiting and poor eating habits

Aliice'sDog&Cat Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats

Chronic kidney disease is a disease that cannot be cured. Early detection and regular examinations are important for treatment. Start having regular health checkups from a young age.

It is hoped that new drugs will be developed and sold to reduce the number of cats suffering from kidney disease. Aliice'sDog&Cat Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats