Veterinarian Column: Dog diseases to be aware of during the rainy season

by Alice's Dog & Cat獣医師

During the rainy season, the days are hot and humid. This time, we will explain about diseases that are more likely to occur in hot and humid environments.

Diseases that are more likely to occur due to high humidity

·otitis externa

・Skin disease


Alice'sDog&CatDog diseases to watch out for during the rainy season

otitis externa

Causes of otitis externa include ear mites, bacteria, Malassezia, and allergies. Bacteria and Malassezia thrive in hot, humid conditions, which increases the chance of infectious otitis externa.

Dogs prone to otitis externa

Dogs with floppy ears, dogs with hair growing in the ear canals, dogs with allergies or atopic dermatitis

Symptoms of otitis externa

You start paying more attention to your ears. Shaking his head and scratching his ears and neck.

Bacterial infections cause an increase in yellow earwax, while Malassezia infections cause an increase in brown earwax with a distinctive odor.

Treatment of otitis externa

Clean the ears and use ear drops. Oral medications may also be used if symptoms are severe.

How to prevent otitis externa

Check your dog's ears regularly to make sure there is no dirt or odor. Clean your dog's ears regularly to keep them clean. For home care, gently wipe away dirt using ear cleaning solution and cotton pads. If there is a lot of ear hair in the ear canal, have it trimmed or removed.

skin disease

There are various causes of skin diseases, including parasites, bacteria, fungi, Malassezia, allergies, atopic dermatitis, and autoimmune diseases. Like otitis externa, bacteria and Malassezia can easily breed in hot and humid conditions, leading to an increase in infectious skin diseases.

Dogs prone to skin diseases

Dogs with allergies or atopic dermatitis, young or elderly dogs, brachycephalic breeds (dogs with wrinkles on the face), dogs that are not groomed properly

Symptoms of skin diseases

Malassezia infection can cause itching, redness of the skin, increased dandruff, bumpy skin, and a distinctive odor associated with Malassezia infection.

Treatment of skin diseases

Use topical or oral antibiotics and antifungal drugs. Clean regularly with an antibacterial or antifungal shampoo.

How to prevent skin diseases

Regular grooming such as brushing and shampooing will keep the skin clean.


Heatstroke is a life-threatening disease that occurs in hot and humid environments. Heat stroke is associated with midsummer, but even if the temperature is the same, the degree of risk changes depending on the humidity. The rainy season is humid, so you must be careful about heatstroke from this time on.

Dogs prone to heatstroke

Brachycephalic breeds, obese dogs, dogs with respiratory or heart disease

Symptoms of heatstroke

Symptoms include panting, a bright red or purple tongue, high body temperature, diarrhea or vomiting, and collapse.

Treatment of heat stroke

Treatment at a veterinary hospital is required. While cooling your body, move to Domono Hospital and receive appropriate treatment.

How to prevent heatstroke

Indoors, turn on the air conditioner 24 hours a day to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity (temperature 26 degrees, humidity 50%) . Avoid walking during the day. For dogs that are prone to heatstroke, it may be a good idea to put a cooling pack around their neck. Never leave it in your car. Even if you leave your car in the shade or with the windows open, there is a high risk of heatstroke if you leave it in a car with the engine turned off.

Alice'sDog&CatDog diseases to watch out for during the rainy season

During the rainy season, dogs are more susceptible to infections such as otitis externa and skin diseases, and dogs that are sensitive to heat are at an increased risk of heat stroke. For otitis externa and skin diseases, it is important to keep the dog clean by trimming it regularly, and if any abnormality is found, it is important to have it examined and treated to prevent it from worsening. Heatstroke is life-threatening, so it is important to prevent heatstroke from happening.