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Alice’Dog&Cat Veterinarian Column Pet Sleep

This time, we will explain the necessity of making a bed for your pet and recommended pet beds.

◎ Necessity of making a bed

Pets are said to sleep an average of 12 to 15 hours for dogs and 12 to 16 hours for cats. Pets spend half of their day sleeping. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a bed where your cat will spend long hours in a safe and comfortable manner.

◎ For puppies

Creating an environment is important when it comes to potty training problems that you will face when you get a puppy. Puppies are very clean, so they will want to use separate litter boxes and sleeping areas. Prepare a separate bed for the cage where you can sleep safely, a little apart from the toilet.

◎ For pets with separation anxiety or phobias

In addition to training, it is important to create a safe place for your pet to treat problem behaviors such as separation anxiety and phobias. Prepare a bed that your pet will like.

◎ In the case of an old dog or old picture

As pets get older, they spend more time sleeping than when they were younger. You need a comfortable bed that won't put a strain on your body even if you sleep for a long time. Additionally, pets with weak legs may become bedridden. Sleeping on hard floors or thin rugs for long periods of time can easily cause bedsores. To prevent bedsores, it is necessary to use a bed or mat with good cushioning.

◎ Recommended beds

A bed that meets the following points is best.

・Things with cushioning properties

・Things that are comfortable to the touch

・Hygienic items that can be washed completely

・Good ventilation

A bed with edges is recommended as it gives your pet a sense of security and allows you to rest your head on it and use it like a pillow.

Pets that sleep a long time spend half of their day in bed, so choosing a bed is very important. Prepare a bed where your pet can feel safe and comfortable.

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