[New product information] New shampoo from ZOORO that addresses the skin concerns of dogs and cats

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zoro botanical shampoo

All dog and cat breeds ZOORO Botanical Shampoo 200ml

``ZOORO Botanical Shampoo'' is a shampoo that uses plant-derived ingredients and is gentle on the skin of dogs and cats.
It has been tested for safety by the Hungarian National Food Safety Authority and can be used with confidence by dogs and cats with skin problems.

Zoro botanical shampoo

Zoro Botanical Shampoo Features

1. Carefully selected plant-derived ingredients

The main ingredients are organic aloe vera, organic apple cider vinegar, chamomile, organic and vegan ingredients, and a well-balanced blend of carefully selected plant-derived ingredients for 7 skin concerns.

2. No chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or animal ingredients

We are committed to simple formulas derived from nature, and are free of nine substances: perfumes, synthetic fragrances, colorants, sodium laureth sulfate (PEG: a type of surfactant), paraffin, petroleum-derived ingredients, parabens, silicones, gluten, and palm oil. use)

3. Botanical ingredients can be used for all breeds of dogs and cats, from small to large.

It can be used by everyone from puppies to seniors, and regardless of breed. White (SKIN SENSITIVE) is recommended for healthy skin and cats.

4. Made with 100% bio-vegan ingredients

For animal welfare reasons, we do not use animal products. This is a shampoo with a vegan formula that is also environmentally friendly.

5. Use containers and ingredients that are environmentally friendly

The container is sustainably sourced and is an eco-bottle that can be recycled after use. It is also a 100% bio (natural) ingredient that is environmentally friendly even when washed away. This reduces waste and makes it more environmentally friendly.


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Zoro botanical shampoo