[New brand information] Evolution of H-type harness PERROS

by スタッフAlice’s Dog & Cat

perlos harness

Perros Harness

Made in Italy, dog harness developed by dog ​​educators for ultimate comfort for dogs.

Perlos harnesses are H-shaped and Y-shaped harnesses that not only prevent friction on the neck, trachea, and skin, dig into the armpits, and cause other pain .
The clasp around the neck allows dogs who are not good at putting their head through when putting on clothes to wear it without fear.

perlos harness

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Perros leash

perlo leash

Perros leashes are made from high quality, durable materials and are perfect for walks. We have a variety of leashes available to help owners and dogs communicate better during dog walks. It is widely used by dog ​​educators and dog trainers in Italy, and has received high praise from pet owners.

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