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4dox apron

4dox dog walking/training apron

` `4dox Dog Walking/Training Apron '' is a new type of convenient item that can store small items and large-sized supplies, freeing up your hands so you can use both hands for walks with your dog.

Do you have any of these problems when taking your dog for a walk?

・I find it troublesome to carry around a tote bag when I go for a walk in my neighborhood or on a regular walk.

・I have had a close call because I couldn't stop my dog ​​from making sudden movements because my hands were full.

・When cleaning up after your dog's toilet while walking, your hands are full and it's annoying.

・If you bend over, the shoulder bag may slip off your shoulder or fall down, making it a nuisance.

・It's not as easy to fit things into the waist pouch as I expected.

・Opening and closing the bag is a hassle when you are in a hurry to get something you need from the bag.

If you have ever worried about carrying a bag while walking with your dog for various reasons , we recommend that you give it a try.

4dox apron

4dox is a Czech brand that is popular in Europe as a comfortable and gentle pet product for pet owners, and is also recognized and recommended by European dog experts and many dog ​​therapists. .

*Dog therapist: Refers to a person who heals the mind and body of dogs based on their specialized knowledge and techniques.

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4dox apron