Makuake x Zoro Grooming Comb Goal 2453% achieved!

by スタッフAlice’s Dog & Cat

zoro grooming comb

Thank you for your continued patronage of Alice's Dog & Cat.

Thanks to all of you, the project that was asking for support purchases through Makuake ended at 6pm on November 8th.
In the end, we received a lot of support, ``2453% of the goal'', ``2,453,490 yen'', and ``691 people''.
Thank you again for your support.
Thank you very much.

All the staff are filled with gratitude for the support from everyone, which exceeds our imagination.

Also, during the release of this project, we received many warm messages of support, which gave us a lot of strength.

We are currently making arrangements to have it delivered as soon as possible.

We will deliver them to you as soon as they are ready, so please wait for a while.

Pre-sales have ended, but we are accepting pre-orders on the page below, so please consider taking them.

zoro grooming comb