[Notice] We are contributing art to Fuji TV's "Living Matsunaga-san"

by スタッフAlice’s Dog & Cat


We collaborated with the art on Fuji TV's ``Living Matsunaga-san'' which started on January 9th (Tuesday).

It is used in the collars, leashes, and beds of Sabako in the share house.
Please check it.

■Work information (quoted from official website)


・Original work: Keiko Iwashita “Matsunaga-san in the Living Room” (published by Kodansha “KC Desert”)
・Screenplay: Shigenori Tanabe

・Cast: Kento Nakajima, Hikaru Takahashi, Koji Mukai, Daisuke Fujiwara, Sakurako Okubo, Tomoka Kurokawa

This is a story of mystery, love, and miracles that takes place over the course of one season and tells the story of three men and women who are completely unrelated to each other on "just one day", Christmas Eve.

■Official website, SNS


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matsunagasan8/

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