About Kangapooch material organic cotton

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About Kangapooch material organic cotton

Kangapooch is made of organic cotton, a material that is comfortable and resistant to stress.

The material used for the pouch for the Kangapooch dog is made of organic cotton.

Organic cotton has excellent moisture absorption and breathability in the summer, and excellent moisture retention and heat retention in the winter, making it suitable for use in all seasons. The stretchy fabric allows your pet to comfortably hold a large group, and can be held either vertically or horizontally.

■What is organic cotton?

Generally grown organically in subtropical regions such as India, Turkey, China, and parts of the United States, from non-GMO plants and free from synthetic pesticides such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides, except those certified by organic certification labels. Defined as unused cotton.

In the United States, for a cotton farm to be considered organic, it must also meet requirements implemented by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program (NOP). We use cotton that meets these standards and is certified organic.

■Advantages of organic cotton


Organic cotton products have longer fibers than regular cotton, making them softer and safer for your skin. It is also often used in baby clothes because it is gentle on the skin and does not use harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process.

The material is gentle on the skin, so it is safe for dogs, cats, and small animals.

・Environmentally friendly

According to Life Cycle Analysis , using organic cotton saves an average of 1,982 gallons of water per cotton T-shirt. If you care about the environment and protect natural resources, purchasing organic cotton is the best choice. According to Pesticide Action Network UK, non-organic cotton accounts for just 2.4% of the world's arable land, but uses 6% of the world's pesticides in its production.

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