How to choose and care for a shampoo that is gentle on dogs and cats

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Shampoo care for dogs and cats

Shampooing is part of the care for dogs and cats.

Especially if you are a dog owner, you have probably shampooed your dog yourself at least once .

At that time, how do you think about shampoo care methods and shampoo selection?

There are many different types of shampoo for dogs and cats, so this time we will explain how to choose a shampoo that is gentle for dogs and cats.

<Table of contents>

  • What is the necessity of shampoo?
  • Troubles when choosing a shampoo
  • Zoro Botanical Shampoo to choose according to your skin concerns
  • Zoro Botanical Shampoo uses 100% natural vegan ingredients derived from plants!
  • How often and how to use shampoo
  • summary

What is the necessity of shampoo?

zoro botanical shampoo

First of all, shampooing your dog or cat is essential care for maintaining their health.

If it is not cleaned regularly, daily dirt can accumulate and cause bad odors and skin irritation.

In particular, when dogs are taken for a walk, their coats are exposed to the outside air and may collect dirt such as dust and exhaust gas that are hard to see, and their bodies may come into contact with things like telephone poles. think.

This kind of dirt becomes bacteria, which can lead to problems with the dog's skin, coat, and limbs.

Also, cats have a tendency to dislike water, so some owners may never shampoo their cats.

Even if your cat doesn't go outside, it's likely that dirt will stick to it without you noticing, such as dirt after eating.

You may be able to take care of your hair at a trimming salon, but you should also try shampooing it easily at home to keep it in good condition.

Troubles when choosing a shampoo zoro botanical shampoo

For owners who shampoo their dogs regularly, what points do you consider when choosing a shampoo?

There are many different types of shampoo, ranging from cheap to cheap.

You may be wondering what kind of shampoo to choose.

I think there are many people who buy at mass retailers because they can buy it easily, and there are also many owners who choose it because it's a product they often see.

However, you need to check the ingredients and choose a shampoo for dogs and cats as well.

For pets, whose skin is thinner and more delicate than human skin, choose a shampoo that is gentle on the body and pays close attention to the ingredients.

Zoro's botanical shampoos to choose from depending on your skin concerns

zoro botanical shampoo

When choosing a shampoo for your dog or cat, you will often choose one based on their hair type.

For example, types are often categorized based on the image of the finish, such as ``smooth'' or ``moist,'' but [Zoro Botanical Shampoo] is selected based on the skin concerns of your dog or cat, not based on hair type. It is a shampoo that you can enjoy.

zoro botanical shampoo

7 shampoos for different problems

[Zoro Botanical Shampoo] allows you to choose a shampoo based on seven problems.

Types of shampoo

・White for sensitive skin ( SKIN SENSITIVE )
・Green ( SKIN SMOOTHING ) for allergy and skin trouble care

・The best care for hot summers is blue ( COOL SUMMER )

・Red ( HERBAL SHIELD ) that has a tick and insect repellent effect

・If you are concerned about stubborn odors, use yellow ( SKUNK DEODORIZER )

・For dandruff and itching, mustard yellow ( ANTI DANDRUFF )

・Purple ( CALM PUPPY ) for puppies and super sensitive skin

White ( SKIN SENSITIVE ) is recommended if you have no particular skin concerns, or if you have a cat or other pet.

zoro botanical shampoo

Zoro Botanical Shampoo uses 100% natural vegan ingredients derived from plants!

zoro botanical shampoo

[Zoro Botanical Shampoo] is made of plant-derived ingredients and does not contain chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or animal ingredients.

We are committed to simple formulas derived from nature, and are free of nine substances: perfumes, synthetic fragrances, colorants, sodium laureth sulfate (PEG: a type of surfactant), paraffin, petroleum-derived ingredients, parabens, silicones, gluten, and palm oil. (use) was realized.

Because it is a botanical formula, it is less likely to cause allergies and can be safely used by dogs and cats with skin problems.

How often and how to use shampoo

Shampoo care for dogs and cats

Due to skin turnover, we recommend shampooing once every 10 to 14 days. Wash your whole body with shampoo to keep it clean.

In addition, [Zoro Botanical Shampoo] does not require dilution, so please use it as is.

*Since plant-derived ingredients may have precipitated, please shake it 2 to 3 times before use.

<How to wash>

  • Brush your dog before shampooing to remove tangles, loose hair, and dirt on the surface.
  • Wet your pet thoroughly with lukewarm water. Animal fur contains oil that repels water, so it is important to carefully and thoroughly wet the animal's entire body in order to increase the effectiveness of the shampoo.
  • Lather the shampoo using a sponge or foaming net, and wash the entire body by gently massaging with the pads of your fingers.
  • Start from your head and rinse thoroughly to remove any shampoo residue.
  • Wipe it off with a towel, dry it with a hair dryer, and brush it to tame the hair and you're done.


zoro botanical shampoo

Many owners shampoo their dogs and cats at home when their dog or cat gets dirty or as part of regular care.

When choosing a shampoo, choose one that is made with ingredients that are gentle on the body, or you may experience problems with the shampoo.

Also, some pet owners may have trouble choosing a shampoo because their dog or cat has skin concerns.

[Zoro Botanical Shampoo] is a new shampoo that allows you to choose a shampoo based on your pet's skin concerns.

This shampoo is not only effective but also very gentle, with a bottle that takes animal welfare into consideration and the global environment.

Please try it!