Hair loss care required during pet shedding period

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Hair loss care required during pet shedding period

If you are a pet owner who lives with a pet such as a dog, cat, or rabbit, you may be concerned about hair loss during the shedding period.

Most animals go through a period of hair growth called the molt.

This time, we will introduce you to the care that you need to take during the shedding period.

What is the molting period?

What is the molting period?

Molting period is the period when the hair of dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. grows back.

It takes about a month for the old hair to grow back into new hair.

There are two seasons: from spring to summer (around May to June ) and from autumn to winter (around October to November ).

During the shedding period from spring to summer, the winter coat that grew during the cold period falls out and is replaced by the less dense summer coat.

Also, during the shedding season from fall to winter, dense hair begins to grow from summer to winter in preparation for winter.

Animals respond to seasonal temperature changes by repeatedly growing their fur.

In recent years, many pets have been living indoors, and as a result, the air conditioning has been well controlled, so it is possible for pets to not regrow their hair during the shedding season, or for the shedding period to be delayed.

The molting period plays an important role for animals to live a healthy life, so it is important to give them an appropriate sense of seasonal changes.

Common problems during the shedding period

Troubles during the shedding period

The most common problem during the shedding period is the shedding of a large amount of hair every day.

My baby is in the shedding season, so it can't be helped, but she sheds a lot of hair every day, so the whole room gets covered in hair, hair gets on her clothes just by holding her, and she gets hair on the couch, in the car, and in the washing machine. I think your hair may have even fallen out.

Many people wish that cleaning could be made a little easier.

Also, I think brushing is especially important during the shedding season, but there may be some concerns that your pet is not good at brushing, can't do it well, or doesn't like it.

Some owners may be worried that their dog will shed so much hair that it will cause baldness.

I think there are various problems during the shedding period, so I would like to introduce some ways to deal with them.

How to prevent hair loss during shedding season

How to prevent hair loss during shedding season

It is important to take measures to make your dog as comfortable as possible during the shedding season.

I think the basic thing to do as a countermeasure is to brush your hair every day.

It is usually said that it is better to brush your cat once or twice a week, but during the shedding season when there is a lot of hair shedding, there is no problem in brushing your cat every day.

*When brushing your pet every day, carefully check your pet's physical condition, hair loss, and skin condition.

If you do not take care of the hair that falls during the shedding period by brushing, the hair that falls out will stay on your dog's body, causing hairballs, tangles, etc., and the skin may become tight and painful.

In addition, poor ventilation can lead to the proliferation of bacteria, which can lead to skin diseases.

It is necessary to carefully remove unnecessary hair.

In addition to brushing, regular shampooing and care, you can also dress your dog in clothes to prevent it from shedding on the spot.

However, a dog's skin is more delicate than that of a human's, so frequent shampooing can cause problems such as skin irritation.

I think it's best to do it at most twice a week.

Also, putting clothes on your child can be an emergency measure, but it is not a fundamental countermeasure, so it may not be a good countermeasure.

How to choose brushing goods

How to choose brushing goods

I mentioned daily brushing as a basic measure, but you may not know what kind of brushing to choose.

Also, some owners may be looking for something better, even though there are some that they have been using so far, so we would like to introduce some points to consider when choosing one.

Point 1

Something that only removes unnecessary hair loss

If you brush your dog every day during the shedding season, problems may occur unless you use a product that only removes unwanted hair.

Some products that remove hair well will make you feel like you are removing hair by cutting it.

Because such products cut the hair, some parts of the hair may become thinner or the coat may deteriorate.

Some hairs may also pull out healthy hair that is not needed even if it is not cut.

Pulling out healthy hair can be painful for your pet, and if too much is removed, it can cause baldness.

Point 2

What pets don't like

I think there are many memories of pain that causes pets to dislike brushing.

The causes of pain when brushing are products that remove even healthy hair as mentioned in point 1 , products with long blades that penetrate the pet's skin, and products that often get caught in the pet's hair and cause the skin to tighten. And so on.

If you experience pain even once , you may not be good at brushing, so you need to be careful when choosing.

Also, if you already think that brushing is not your thing, choose a product that is less invasive and let your child get used to brushing slowly and gradually without forcing it, and you will be able to do it smoothly in the future.

Point 3

Easy-to-use shape

Since it is the owner who brushes the dog, I think it is important that the shape is easy for the owner to use.

Especially when using on large dogs, if the brush is heavy, your hands may hurt during brushing.

Also, when using it on small areas such as around the face or feet, it is safer to use a product that has a small turning radius and allows you to easily adjust the force.

Zoro grooming comb recommended for brushing during shedding season

Zoro grooming comb recommended for brushing during shedding season

The Zoro grooming comb's uniquely designed wave-shaped blades remove loose hair, dirt, and dander with just a gentle brushing without damaging your pet's skin or getting the hair caught.

In addition, the unique blade has an exquisite length that does not hit the pet's skin but reaches the undercoat, so it firmly catches the hair that has already fallen out and remains, and removes unnecessary hair. It will remove it.

You can take care of hair loss without worrying about the blade getting caught in the hair and causing pain due to the skin being pulled.

zoro grooming comb

In addition, since unnecessary hair can be removed by scraping out unnecessary hair, pets do not dislike it and feel refreshed and comfortable, and we have received feedback that even pets who are not good at brushing are now able to do so calmly.

zoro grooming comb

The shape of the handle is bone-shaped, which makes it unique and cute, but the ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and apply pressure to.

Since it does not use plastic or rubber, it is light in weight, and since it does not have a handle, it can be easily snapped around the wrist, making it easy to turn around.

Easy to use on delicate areas such as the face and neck.

zoro grooming comb

Additionally, the Zoro grooming comb can be used every day during the shedding season.

It has the feature of removing only unnecessary hair and leaving healthy hair behind, so there will be no problems caused by removing too much hair.

*Please be aware that brushing the same area for a long time may damage the dog's skin and coat.

Owners who brushed their dogs properly every day were pleased that their dogs shed less and less hair, and the amount of hair falling in their rooms and cars was significantly reduced.

If you continue, the care itself will become easier.

zoro grooming comb

There are two sizes available: normal size and mini size, but we recommend the normal size unless your pet is small, weighing around 2 kg.

Since the amount of hair removed per session varies, I think it can be used comfortably with less effort on the part of the owner and less stress on the pet.

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Long type now available in Zoro grooming comb

Zoro grooming comb long type

Previous Zoro grooming combs were only for short-haired pets and were not suitable for long-haired pets.

While the Zoro grooming comb is being used by many customers and is very popular, I also want a product for long-haired breeds! We have received a lot of feedback, so we have released the long-awaited long type product.

The long type has the features of previous Zoro grooming combs, but the shape is completely different, so we hope you will enjoy using it for long-haired breeds.

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Hair loss care during shedding period

Even if you take good care of your hair during the shedding period, it can be difficult to keep up with hair loss every day.

In addition to caring for your pet, you may also find it difficult to take care of other things such as cleaning the pet's room and choosing clothes.

The shedding period is necessary for your pet's health, so it cannot be eliminated, but there are measures you can take to make it a little easier and more comfortable.

The most effective brushing is the care that is needed outside of the shedding period, so I think it is important to choose something that is easy to use and that your pet will not dislike.

Owners who are considering new brushing products during this shedding period.

Owners who haven't been able to find anything that they think is very good until now.

Take this opportunity to try using the Zoro grooming comb.