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■What is Yellow Dog Project?

The Yellow Dog Project, a non-profit organization started in Sweden in 2012 , aims to reduce troubles by informing dog owners as well as non-dog owners about how to safely interact with unfamiliar dogs. Masu. This is a project in which many owners tie yellow ribbons to dogs' leashes, collars, and harnesses to let them know that they need to keep a distance from them in public places.

■Which dog needs a yellow ribbon?

Dogs wearing yellow ribbons may require separation from people and other dogs when out for a variety of reasons, including health issues, rehabilitation, and training.

A fearful or anxious dog may not understand your friendly intentions when you reach out to him. Some dogs are trained to be reactive or fearful of other dogs and to behave aggressively in public.

A dog with a yellow ribbon on its leash is not necessarily an aggressive dog. Just like humans, some dogs have extroverted personalities. Dogs that prefer their own space may become defensive when strangers approach.

Also, dogs wearing yellow ribbons may have a disease that makes them painful to touch. Therefore, the Yellow Ribbon encourages dogs to speak to their owners before interacting with them.

Do not approach the dog without the owner's permission. Pet your dog only with the owner's permission and if the dog is relaxed or has body language that suggests it is playing. Don't threaten your dog by bending over him to pet him. Instead, squat down so you are at the same height as your dog. Don't put your face close to your dog's face or try to hug or touch a strange dog.

Avoid petting a strange dog's muzzle, legs, feet, or tail. Some dogs are sensitive to being touched in these areas. Tucking the tail between the hind legs, rolling the ears back, lowering the head, and not making eye contact are all signs that your dog is uncomfortable.

There are many dogs who need yellow ribbons, but the awareness of The Yellow Dog Project in Japan is not high, and it seems that people around them are not aware of the meaning behind wearing a yellow ribbon. I think there are many.

Therefore, Alice's Dog & Cat has developed a message patch that conveys a message on behalf of dogs and owners, hoping that both dogs and owners will have a safe and enjoyable walk!

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