At Alice's Dog & Cat, we continue to strive to help pets live a happy, joyful and satisfying life by providing comfortable, sophisticated, environmentally friendly and sustainable pet products.

Our sustainability is a core value of the Alice's Dog & Cat company. Alice's Dog & Cat's mission since its founding has been to make life with dogs more enjoyable and improve the lifestyle of our customers by solving problems associated with living with dogs and providing convenient and comfortable products. It was filled with happiness and joy. Since then, we have continued to work with customers, dog trainers, and veterinarians who sympathize with us.
We will continue to strive to bring excitement and happiness to your daily life with pet products and services that exceed your expectations.

our vision

Alice's Dog & Cat
Through products and services that exceed our customers' expectations, we will continue to improve the excitement, joy, and trust of pets and their owners who care for them.

Each and every employee works closely with our customers, and without forgetting our feelings of gratitude, we strive to improve the quality of our work, evolve and develop our business, and contribute to society. We will create a company where both the company and its employees grow together, where smiles never fade, and where the company continues to take on challenges.

The future of humanity and all living things on earth is in our hands. In order to protect our precious nature, we have an eco-sustainability policy and propose products that both improve people's lives and protect the environment.

our commitment

Environmentally friendly and sustainable products

We will provide safe, secure, and high-quality products and services that are made from environmentally friendly materials and can be used for a long time. We will work to propose products that improve the impression that users will enjoy, feel attached to, and can use for a long time.

Reduce environmental burden

The effects of climate change, such as abnormal weather events, are becoming more apparent and becoming more serious. In order to solve environmental issues, we strive every day to eliminate waste in the packaging materials of products we deliver to our customers, and to deliver products that are compact yet exhilarating and joyful when they open the package.


We create new value by incorporating new ideas and technologies into pet products and services, and aim to realize a sustainable world through bold and creative activities that have an impact on society.


We believe that the growth of our employees is the growth of the company. We support the value improvement of our employees, continue to learn, and improve customer value satisfaction through our own flexible responses. Such experiences of success also lead to increased motivation.

Diversity and respect for people

We embrace diversity and respect the individuality of people, based on equality and inclusion regardless of age, gender or nationality. We will establish a culture of valuing the feelings of others and respecting opinions, increase employee motivation, and maintain flexible creativity. We also develop our employees so that they can contribute to the company and society, and the company continues to evolve and grow.